Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Etowah, TN

I couldn't wait to post. I made it yesterday going over Montery Mtn and Rockwood Mtn in the wind and rain. I had read on the Women RV forum about driving in high winds and how it's best to just pull over. Now I know what they mean. Whooeee! The rain was just sporadiac so it wasn't a big deal.

Etowah has had much rain and the ground was soft so Mark had me park in front of their detached garage. I believe it was a lot easier to get set up than being on the ground. I had to drive upon wood because there was a low spot and the jacks couldn't do the job by themselves.

Speaking of jacks. When I arrived the jacks wouldn't work. I thought maybe a piece of rubber had fallen off again so I opened up the mechanism and that wasn't it. Mark checked all the fuses and that wasn't it. Finally Mark saw an arc when I tried to work the leveling joy stick and there was a connection that had come loose. Thank goodnesss for Mark and his help. I told him, "you didn't take me to raise." He said, "everyone needs help every once in a while." He is such a terrific nephew in law.

After that we got the water hooked up. It took five hoses to run from Somewhere to the faucet. Thought it might freeze last night so I filled up the fresh water tank half way. Later in the night I turned on the water pump and it kept running. I thought well, maybe it's filling up the water heater. It didn't stop. Then I remember reading about if the water pump in running there is a leak somewhere. OMG, what was I going to do, it was about 10:00 pm. What did I do? turned off the water pump and went to bed about 1:30. Tomorrow is another day.

Slept like a baby after I got all the "stuff" put in it's place. I will be glad when I get full time. I don't like all this loading and unloading. Of course, Jonathan and Taylor will be here tonight so I needed to make as much space as possible. My knooks and crannies sure are filling up quickly. LOL

This morning I got up and hooked up the water and found that my outside shower had not been turned off all the way and that was why my water pump was running, whew, what a relief! The perils of running a house on wheels.

My dn, Deborah, has a yorkie named Chigger. He is 10 months old and if full of himself. When they met it was so funny. Sedona is two (14 teenager) and just didn't want to bother with him. They finally got to where they played and got to know each other. They are so funny to watch now.

Tonight, Christmas Eve, we will have about 52 + members of our family here for dinner and "dirty" santa. Mama and Daddy started the tradition years and years ago and we have kept it up. Everybody looks forward to it.

Skype is going to provide a surprise for Shirley & Doug. Their oldest son, Jimmy, and his family are in Corpus Christie TX with their son, dil and grand daughter. It's going to be like they are here.

Don't know if I'll get to post tomorrow but I'll catch you sometime.


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