Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas week

Where has the year gone? I cannot believe it's almost Christmas. I am headed out to East TN tomorrow as long as the weather holds. The weather man said it was supposed to be icy rain in the a.m. and will warm as the day wears on. I may not get out as early as I had hoped but I want to get settled at Deborah's before dark.

I got a new phone from Verizon. It's a basic no frills phone and hopefully it will hold a charge longer than my other. While I was at Verizon I bit the bullet and got the Internet service. So far so good. This trip will be the test. In Nashville I get a strong signal. If I get a strong signal in more rural areas I know I have made a good decision.

I have also contacted Tennessee Consolidated Retirement for my information regarding how much retirement I get, what the taxes will be and the cost of my insurance. Getting all the facts and figures to really start planning. At least this way I can have exact figures with which to work. I plan on putting my condo on the market in Jan or Feb. It really depends on when I can get it cleaned up and staged properly. That's the thing I hate about putting it on the market, keeping it picked up.

Oh, a great site I found and probably everyone knows about this already but me. Anyway, Skype is a free site to download and you can talk for free to anyone else who has Skype. If you have a webcam you can talk to whomever you want. You just locate them, put them in your contacts, if they accept, you are in! It is so cool. I think it will be extremely useful when I get on the road. I tried it with my nephew the other night and we talked for about 26 minutes. The picture is good and the audio is pretty close to the video.

Guess you will next hear from me from Stone Mountain, GA. Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Don't forget that Jesus is the reason for the season.


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Margie said...

Hey Carolyn!

Geez, I was wondering who I might know who uses Skype! My DIL bought me a web-cam for Christmas so we can "see and talk" with my son in Baghdad. It works really neat! I'm anxious to know how you like your Verizon aircard.