Saturday, March 6, 2010

Windy, windy, windy

Okay, I'm tired of the wind. The temps are terrific but the wind brings the feels like temps down. Can't get out on the river because it's too windy. On the beach it's even more windy. Sedona doesn't even like getting out in the wind. Her hair has gotten so long it tickles her. She's funny to watch.

Have you ever noticed how generic our cities are getting? I say that because they all have Lowes, Office Depot, Walmart (of course), Steinmart, TJ Maxx, Wendys, Taco Bell oh, you get the idea right? Where are those small family stores, gone! There's no personality in stores anymore. To beat it all, in these affluent towns, they evidently don't want you to know what stores are around, the signs are so small or no signs at all. Thank goodness for Stella (gps). I drove around looking for Lowes yesterday and finally loaded the name into Stella and found out I had been driving around it several times. Ooh, so frustrating.

Man 'o man, Palm Beach! Yep, thar's money in them thar dunes! Ha, nice digs. I've decided there are too many "rich" people in this neighborhood or at least wannabes. Nice vehicles too which makes lots of traffic.

Not doing too much around the park, it's nice to just chill. Read a good book, took some long walks with Sedona and took some naps. I really like this lifestyle and haven't looked back or questioned "did I do the right thing."

At the PGA National is the Honda Classic. Big thing in golf and big thing for this area. Today the blimp was flying around. Now there have been no burn warnings out for the last couple of days because of the winds and relative humidity. Today the park decided to do a prescribed burn. The golf people really didn't like it, the golfers said the smoke burned their eyes. The forestry people said it got a little out of hand. Made for a great sunset and the night sky is glowing from the blazes that are yet under control. Gee forestry, ya think you could have gotten a forecast?

Speaking of fires, you wouldn't believe the number of campfires ablaze tonight. Being on a hill overlooking other campsites it was neat to walk out and look around to see the campfires however I did wonder if they were going to put them out before retiring to their campers. It would be very easy to get out of control. Just take a look at the horizon folks.

That's my vent for today, as you can tell, nothing much going on with me, just enjoying the life.



Margie and Roger said...

Hope the wind is gone now. Wow! It sure strong! I felt like I was getting sea sick with the MH rocking back and forth. Yesterday had beautiful, calm weather - hope you did too. Guess it could be worse - read Nick's Blog and he is in Arizona with the wind and talked about all the sand and dirt blowing around and getting into the MH.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that if you live there I think you are expected to own a boat and I'm thinking that a kayak doesn't count! Definitely how the other 10% or so live....And these might just be their FL homes not the NY apt or Aspen condo......

Tina with the furry 4 pawed traveling companions