Thursday, March 4, 2010

Motion Detector Porch Light

When I went to the RV show I purchased a motion sensor porch light with an LED lamp. I was assured it would be simple to install, even by a woman. What? I knew I was up to the challenge after all, I had installed a ceiling fan in my stix n brix house.

Today was the day, it's windy, chilly but sunny so this morning was chore day. I untied my ladder and got my tool box out and began the task. Little did I know that the manufacturer put loads and loads of goop behind the current light. Goop that was extremely difficult to get off so get out the other tool box. Climb up on the ladder again, oh you get the idea! Up and down, up and down, up and down, etc. I won't tell you how many times I climbed that ladder. So on I go. I finally succeeded to get the goop off (note: I saved it so I could seal the new one.)

Now for the electrical stuff, the electrical connections that came with the light were not what I was used to so to my tool box to get the ones I was used to. Had to get the wire strippers and there was connection! I turned the light on before I afixed the light to the MH. Yep, contact, it worked. So the previously used goop was stuck in the hole to seal it from unwanted water and then it was put around the edges to keep water out from getting behind the light. Screw it in, rim the edges with silicone and presto! light. I'll have to let you know at night how the motion part works. It seems to do well during the day so more on this later.

I am woman, hear me roar!!!
Yes, even a woman can install it. The cost for the light was $80, the LED light was $17; so for less than $100 I have a motion detector light, gee wonder how much I saved by installing it myself? Maybe $100? Anyway, I was going to save the old one in case I sold Somewhere but it's didn't quite make it, too bent up so it'll be trashed.


Beckles said...

What a woman!! Great job, but I'm not surprised!! Of course, I heard from you earlier this evening that it cool is that!!

Sharon said...

Yay Carolyn! You be stylin' now, GF!! LOL! How long does the light stay on after it's activated?

Margie and Roger said...

I heard the roar clear across the state! I read this post to Roger and I commented, "Carolyn...what a woman she is, I could never do that kind of stuff. I'd take the easy way out - find another man." Roger didn't seem to laugh at that for some reason. Honestly, when I read posts like that I am so thankful for Roger...I wouldn't survive on my own.