Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thermo Tech Digital Thermometer

I got one of these to check the temperature of my tires. Why you may ask? If you know that your tire pressure is correct you can use this gadget to check the temp in your tires and know that they are accurate. This works great for the inside tires. I checked today and my back tires are within .1 of ea other. Whew!
It comes in a nice little case to protect the infrared laser. As we know, tire pressure is important for better gas mileage and to extend the life of our tires.

Thanks, Jack! Got it on for $44. If it saves my frustration with checking tires then it's money well spent.

Quick n Brite update. It is terrific for windows and black streaks. Yep those horrible black streaks, now granted you have to use a little elbow grease but what cleaner don't you for black streaks. Also, I've used it on a spot that I have been working on for several month on my carpet. Yep, did the trick too. I'll continue to update you as I use it on different things. So far, so good.

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