Friday, October 1, 2010

Workhorse Finally Comes Through!

It's been about 18 months (maybe longer) when I first received the notice that brake calipers were going to be recalled. It was not an official recall, just a notice that they were going to be. Two weeks ago, I received the official notice that the calipers had been recalled.

Yesterday, I went to Carl Black Chevrolet in Nashville TN who is an authorized Workhorse Chassis dealer to get those calipers replaced. Shawn is my service writer and he takes very good care of me. I've had to call him many times on the road about my ABS light coming on to find out if I was okay to come off a mountain. So at the same time my ABS censors were fried and those were included in the recall. All replaced and I'm in good shape as far as my brakes are concerned. What a relief! Time to hit the road.

You may remember months ago I had a situation with my brakes and I had to pay to have the calipers on one side replaced as the calipers had not been "officially" recalled. So now I'm on a mission to get reimbursed for the money I spent then. I'll keep you informed on how that goes.

While in Nashville, my bff, Debbie picked me up at the dealership and we did gf stuff. We got flu shots, went shopping, picked up some clothes she had left for alterations, ate at Red Lobster and went to the movies to see Wall Street 2. Now for a break down,

Debbie and I have used the same Dr forever! She called and made an appointment for both of us and believe it or not, it was fun! Joanne, the nurse, had us in the same room at the end and I got to see how Debbie winced at the shot. We got caught up on the latest gossip.

The shopping was my kind of shopping! Debbie had found a top at Kmart on her side of town but not in her size. She wanted to check at the one on the Dr side of town. She said there was not one in her size there either. I looked closer and sure enough, a medium was found! Can you say success! We were out of there in less than 15 minutes.

On our way to lunch, Ms Cook, her seamstress, was on the way. Another 15 minutes and we were on the highway headed to Red Lobster. I wanted to go to RL for their endless shrimp but once we got there I decided I wasn't that hungry but got shrimp anyway, but not the endless.

Off to the movies and just about the time we got in and seated, Carl Black called and said Somewhere was ready to go. She would have to wait to be picked up. Wall Street 2 was such a disappointment. The two exciting scenes you see in the trailers are about the only exciting things happening on that screen. I would not recommend the movie and I loved Wall Street 1.

All-in-all it was a terrific day even though I got up at 5:30 a.m. and got stuck in morning Nashville traffic and left at 4:15 p.m. getting stuck in afternoon Nashville traffic. Ah, traffic is another thing I DON'T miss.


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Margie and Roger said...

Sounds like a fun day with Debbie...even the visit to the doctors. Glad the colonoscopy went well. Had one of those on Tuesday morning myself - get the results next week.

Sounds like Somewhere is doing great now. Can't imagine you not caring whether you have an ice maker or not?????

Sure am looking forward to your arrival in Florida.

Anxious to hear if you get your money back on that earlier repair.