Sunday, October 17, 2010

Friday Night Lights at the Pond

I am in Etowah, TN, well technically, Englewood since I am staying at my nephew Roy's house. We decided to have a cookout at the infamous pond. We invited my King nephew's and their families & friends and a good friend, Mark. We had a total of about 17. Jerry built a big bonfire which was good because it was so cold.

It was a fun time for a beautiful fall evening.

I will be heading to PA on Monday and Tina agreed to keep Sedona for me while I'm gone. Sedona may turn into a country dog while I'm gone. She has explored more than in all of her 4 years. She has played with a cat, Sir Edward Spencer King, and has gotten along better with Roy's rat terrier, Willie Augustus King than ever before. Now there are two other really big dogs who belong to Jerry that she is just not crazy about so she keeps her distance.

It has been an awesome time while here.


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Beckles said...

Another great family gathering that you and your families are famous for! Can't believe there is not a pix of the pond!!