Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hershey PA and yes, they still make candy there.

There was no doubt I was in the town of Hershey you can tell by the street lights that there's something sweet going on here. The street lights are fashioned after Hershey Kisses. Hershey's motto is the Sweetest Place on Earth.

As we began our tour, these cows started singing a welcome to us. We went through the simulated factory and ohhh those smells. Gosh, could that be chocolate? I believe it is, piped in, but that's okay, it's still good.

Sister Shirley and BIL Doug look like they are in heaven with all that chocolate.

Once you are finished riding through the factory, you are conveniently exited into the gift shop/candy shop. They had shelves and bins full of any Hershey product you could want. There was even a little struggle over the giant 5 lb Hershey Bar.

I had heard that the entire candy making production had moved to Mexico so I asked if that was the case. The answer I got was that most of the candy is still made at the Hershey PA location. Some made in Mexico and some in Canada (Jolly Rogers). It says on the back of the package/bars where they are manufactured.

Here is a big vat of chocolate, looks good enough to swim in.

Oh my goodness, look at all these kisses and they even provide a tote board to let us know how much is manufactured daily.

There is a campfire available for SMORES! It is only open on the weekend so I didn't get to go but I would have been there. You know how I love my smores!

Here they are: Darewin and Patsy. If you will remember, Darewin is the practical joker. This time he got Joyce on the trip. He's always thinking and scheming. They are a great couple.

Joyce is my BFF from childhood. We went all through school together and remain friends today. Brenda is a great friend and Christian influence from my childhood. We all had a blast on this trip.

Someone on the grounds seemed to be having some fun with their supervisor by fashioning this pumpkin head in a supervisor's uniform. Hey, everyone has to have a little fun!

Years ago there was a swimming area surrounding the lighthouse. It was a little piece of the ocean for the people of Hershey.



Beckles said...

OMG, what an awesome place!! I cannot almost smell it just by your descriptions! Looks like a fun time for all. Were samples provided? Did you buy any chocolate?? Just had to ask!

Margie and Roger said...

Does the town smell like chocolate like it did years ago? I'm so anxious to hear about this whole trip when you get to Florida.