Friday, October 1, 2010

Another Trip to Nashville

Early morning heading east facing the sun and the sun visors in Somewhere are useless. I get to pick up the microwave (finally) and the ice maker and get the radio re-programmed. It seems that the warranty company required the microwave be repaired and the parts were delayed by about 3 weeks but success. The microwave is installed. The warranty also covered the ice maker (which I could take or leave) so it's fixed and installed. When I got my new batteries they forgot to re-program the radio so now it's fixed.

Do you know how difficult it is to travel w/out a radio? Horrible. I had used a portable radio when traveling to Arkansas and that was good for noise and a lot of static but it was noise and some music. Kept me a little company. My MP3 player was dead so it was no help. Charging them certainly helps but that didn't happen in time.

Kayak is clean and ready to use. Somewhere has had her spring/fall cleaning and ready to go.

A few new shocks for my bay doors and I'm so ready to go. Gosh, how many times can I say "I'm so ready to go?" LOL Can you say I've got hitch itch?

My health is good. Clean bill of health and even had a colonoscopy while stopped and it was good. Have my flu shot. Headed to East TN for some family time and then sister and church group with head to PA for some fun. Then will head to FL.

Life is good!

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