Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Things to do

I went to water aerobics again today and was telling Barbara (instructor) about my topic yesterday. Everyone got a kick out of it and then she started singing to the tune of Blueberry hill, I found my core in the rec pool...OMG we laughed so hard. If you could have seen us today, well let me just say, it was a sight to behold. A couple of the ladies (Barbara included) had pink shower caps on, one gal had a couple of shirts and a hoodie, then there was the sweatshirt (Ruthie) and of course I had my shirt and hat on too. It was COLD. Didn't bother us ladies though. The guys who usually come out and swim laps, yep, no where to be found today. Did I mention that the pool is outside? Supposed to be heated but with the temps as cold during the night, I'd say it's hard to keep that much water heated.

After exercising, I went out to: (information taken from the Kingsland GA website)

McIntosh Sugar Mill Tabby Ruins c.1825

3600 Charlie Smith Sr Hwy
St Marys, Georgia 31558 Tabby, a building material unique to the area, is made oyster shells, sand and water. The mill was built in 1825 and is the largest and best preserved of all tabby remains in the Southeast. Its rooms which were devoted to the grinding, boilding and processing of cane for sugar products are still in tact. the ruins are one of the oldest industrial sites of Georgia. The building burned in the mid-1800's and was never rebuilt. Picnic areas are located on the grounds.

Took Sedona with me and here are a few shots of the ruins.

Another place I wanted to document is the entrance to Kings Bay Submarine Base, the submarine in the ground is very formible. For more information Check out the website



Margie and Roger said...

Oh how I wish you had taken your camera to the pool! What a photo op that would have been! All the ladies here wear hats (yep, I finally broke down and bought one). I haven't seen shower caps...yet! OMG I remember wearing those swim caps in a public pool when I was a kid - OUCH!

Enjoyed your other photos and tour. Was amazed to see a sub on the ground. Been on one in the water with some Navy guys, but that's another story for another time.

Hope we can talk via phone this weekend.

Beckles said...

Looks like another fun trip for you! Keep it to read of your life on the road!