Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Enjoying the retired life

So I woke up this morning, put my bathing suit on and headed out the door. My neighbors, Sandra (Nova Scotia) and Judy (New Hampshire) went to the Camden County Recreation Center for water aerobics. It's free for those who are 55+. I used to enjoy water aerobics a long time ago and nothing much has changed so I slipped right back into the moves. There were seven of us, it's kind of nice being the young one in the group. Of course I should be used to that because after all, I am the baby. LOL So that got my day started off great.

This RV park is a good size. People are nice. I went to dinner Sunday night with fulltimers, Mary Lou and Jack (originally from TX) and Carol from Washington State. It's good to pick peoples brain who have done this for a while to find out what/where they like to RV and learn the things I don't need to miss when I go to their neck of the woods.

Rose (western NY) is a solo RV full timer. She has two little dogs, on Yorkie but as we know. Sedona is a little snob and doesn't play well with others. The little Yorkie really wants to play, much like my friend Sandra's Maggie, but Sedona just ignores her and then does the Elvis curl with her upper lip and that's a sign to stay away or I'll rip your head off, but she really won't. Anyway, Rose has been solo RVing for seven years and she is getting ready to go back into a stix n brix in western North Carolina and hang up her awning. She has been in all the states except for Alaska. She is a nature photographer and has some beautiful pictures.

My friend, Tina, from the WomenRV forum is coming through tonight and will be staying at this park. She is on her way "home" but she has had quite an adventure. Since our FL GTG she has been all the way to the Keys and is now working her way back up to her home in Ohio. We plan on going to the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge (The Swamp) together so that should be fun. We are expecting some horrible rains in the next two days so I hope that doesn't deter us. I'll report back to you on that.

I have learned a new card game, it's 3-13. There are between six and 10 of us who play nightly. Well I say nightly, I don't play on Monday's because 24 comes on the TV and I don't want to miss that. Anyway, it's fun getting together with people, listening to them talk, lots of Canadians (eh?) in this small park from Alberta to Nova Scotia and points in between. They say that we are going to play dominoes one night but we always seem to go back to the cards. It's okay, gets me out of my rig.

Don't know what I was thinking when I came here for a month. Jonathan and Taylor have such busy lives and it's hard for me to be so close and not get to spend anymore time with them than I get to, but I'm used to being alone so it's no big deal.

One thing I have learned is that I need a plan for the next day. If I don't have a plan of action, I'll end up spending all day watching TV and playing on the computer. So I have a calendar of events and a things to do in Camden County and will have a plan in the evenings for what I'm doing the next day. I'm sure it's not just for where I am right now but for everyplace I go. I'm disappointed that I am not on water to be able to use my kayak. I am close to Crooked River but am not sure about the tides and getting out there on that body of water by myself. I talked to the Ranger in the park and he said I needed to file a plan with them if I'm going out on my own. Makes sense to me. Since I enjoy kayaking so much I need to remember that for future reservations.

I had to go for blood work yesterday to follow-up on my anemia. Dr Holmes' nurse called me today and my levels are a still a little low but has come up so I'll do another follow-up in 2 months. He wanted me to do some other things but I'll do that when I get back to Nashville. Even though we talked extensively about my plans of travelling, I believe Dr Holmes has forgotten. He left a message with his nurse to have me come in and do this and do that, duh, okay, I'll do it in July. I may have to explore another option for my medical treatment.


Cindy said...

When my daughter was anemic, we found out that tea is a big no no.I have told this to several people and it changed their readings. I hope this helps!!
Cindy from Texas

Margie said...

Enjoyed your post today. Reading about your "plan" for the next day/night makes me wonder how much of that is caused by adjusting to being "full-time" and how much of it relates to being "retired". You've spent years working, with having plans, deadlines, and schedules. I think it takes awhile to adjust to not having such a structured life. And don't beat yourself up for sitting around and watching TV - remember when we worked every day and wished we could be sitting home in our jammies and watching a good movie - now you can with no guilt feelings.

Sharon said...

Yup, takes a while to get into "retirement mode" and there's nothing wrong with spending a day in jammies watching tv or playing on the 'puter. I'm sooo retired! LOL!