Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Florida RV Women Get Together

It has been a crazy couple of weeks but here is a slide show that shows what I've been doing for the last week at Silver River State Park in Ocala FL.

Some of these ladies I had met at the TN RV Women Get Together but most were new to me. Karen (Retiredhappy) and Carol came the farthermost from Kerrville TX. Then Ohio, NC, AL, TN, FL. It was fun meeting and sharing stories with these ladies. We all came from different walks of life but the RV draws our commanilty and helps us have a blast when we are together.

The campground is very nice. One of the best I hear in the Fl State Park system. None of the State Parks has sewer hook up but for $24 a night you get water, electric and a large site. There is a dump station that you can visit once you leave. State Parks only allow a 14 night min so with 1 person, it's easy to make it by not filling up the tanks in 14 nights.

It was bitterly cold on Saturday & Sunday nights. We were able to get a cabin and pool our money so that we could have the cabin for our potluck and breakfast, otherwise it would have been difficult to have a potluck outside.

One day we went to Marjorie Rawlins place at Cross Creek. The night before we watched the movie Cross Creek so we would be a little familiar with the life of Margarie Rawlins. She also wrote The Yearling. As it turned out the movie was not very accurate (surprised?) but the Ranger who gave us our tour cleared up some of the liberties the movie people took with the original script.

Liz, our host, was prepared and made sure that all of us had a great time in her home park where she also volunteers. The women rv forum has adopted the pink flamingo as their mascot. Liz had a banner made that each of us signed and it will travel from gtg to gtg and someday it will be filled with all the good women who have been to the gtg around the country.

One tradition that Karen (retiredhappy) began sometime ago was to present a flamingo wine glass to those Women RV forum ladies she meets. This was a large contingent to receive the glasses and we were as excited as if they had been waterford crystal wine glasses. Not just plastic pink flamingo glasses. Thanks, Karen.

Can't wait till the next gtg and see who I can meet from this great


Margie and Roger said...

Great slideshow of photos! Thanks for sharing. Despite the cold weather, it looks like everyone had a great time. Hope I can make the next one.

Cedar ... said...

Loved your slideshow. Hope we can meet at some GTG in the future.