Monday, June 2, 2008

What's been goin' on???

Oh my goodness, where to begin. This weekend, I went to Clarksville and stayed in Somewhere. I had so many projects to do and knew I would stay busy for the weekend. Packed everything up on Saturday morning and I started too early because Sedona bugged the dickens out of me to "go." She loves to go and when I start loading she thinks that is an automatic that she gets to go too. So for the last time she darted out, I put her harness on her and she just knew she was going then. She went into her car seat and got zipped up so that she could "go" even though I was not finished loading. But she didn't care, she was ready.

On the way up to Somewhere I called my sister, Shirley. Doug has been going through some tough times with his health and I wanted to check on him. Doug's retina detached in his right eye and he doesn't have his sight back. The Dr has said it will be another 4 months and then it might not come back. Then he had to have 2 units of blood, seems he's bleeding internally somewhere and they don't know where. He's having some tests done soon to determine where. Sis and BIL (brother-in-law) think it is from some of his medication that has made him bleed. That's probably the case but they need to get it stopped.

I really look up to this Sis & BIL, they retired early and head to Ft Myers, FL every year right after Christmas day and stay until April 1. They have done this for years. They really planned their retirement and have lived every bit of it to the hilt. They have travelled to every state, well, Shirley hasn't been to Alaska because she is a chicken to fly, and have some great memories. A great inspiration for me to work my plan.

Anyway, I digress from my trip. When I arrived at Somewhere there was Cindy and Savannah waiting on me and came over to the car. I was still on the phone so didn't get out. They went away. I unloaded, got the windows opened and then went to say hi. My goodness how the corn has grown. This is the field where I'm staying. They plowed up the field and planted corn around me, so from my window this is what I see. I asked Cindy if it's edible corn or feed corn. She thought feed corn so there goes the idea of sneaking out on a full moon night and getting some ears of sweet corn. I thought it was pretty cool that Roger kept a space just for me so I could continue to park Somewhere in that place. It's right under a light and behind a fence so I feel very safe with it being there. I'll give you updates on the corn.

I found a step that some people use for exercising (not me) and I painted it blue to match my MH. My niece, Deborah, gave me the idea at Christmas to put it under the bottom step so it wouldn't be such a high step, but I didn't want to pay a lot of money for one so I found it at a garage sale for $1. Yep, you read that right One Dollar. I like those kind of sales. Well while I was reading the instructions that came with it, you know, just in case it needs to serve a dual purpose, tee hee, I found out that it has another section to it that comes out and raises the step another 2.5 inches. Only problem with that? I've either got to get more paint or leave it 2 toned. Someone on the forum suggested the two-toned and that would look kind of funky. I also have to add some no skid strips to it so someone doesn't break their neck and sue me. Theda has some of those so I'll get those next time I'm down there. I'm just rather proud of this find. Theda's crew made me a step out of 2X4's and it is heavy. This one is much lighter and a little larger. Hope the blue paints works, it's for plastic so it should. It worked great this weekend and even though it stormed, it's wasn't slick. Sedona likes it too, gives her a little life to make it to the bottom MH step. It's a winner!

I learn so much on the and get so many ideas, one from Karen really caught my eye and I knew I just had to do this. My bed lifts up and the edges are a blank slate, well not anymore. I found some fabric and Ann, co-worker) and her mother stitched them up for me. I had them put on the sides too. Now I have little pockets, between 6" & 12" all around the three sides of my bed. You can tell they are versatile, I can use them for shoes, adapters, anything that will move around when travelling can be placed in these little pockets. I thought I would go ahead and do this before I start full-timing because I won't always have access to someone with a sewing machine and the know how to do such a good job. On the long one, I gave Ann the wrong dimensions, I told her 54" which was the width but it should have been 52", my bad but with staples I can do anything. The nice thing is when the bed is down, you can't see the pockets but it could pass for a dust ruffle if it is seen. I think Karen had a terrific idea and I hope it's okay that I stole her idea. I love the womens forum. We have a good sisterhood.

Oh, and I got an early birthday present from Eileen the other day. When I first put it down, Sedona plopped her self right down on it as if to say, this is mine. She stayed there long enough for me to take her picture if that tells you anything. I think it is a pretty rug, however I'm not sure how it's going to do in front of the door, it scoots around quite a bit. But the colors are great, the message is true so I'll give it a try. I can use it for something.

This post is running a little long so I'll continue with some maintenance stories in my next one. Later...


beckles1 said...

Love the storage! Just hope that Sedona doesn't tote stuff off....especially important stuff! Neat gift from Eileen.

IF the corn is feed corn, you might want to consider parking next to the tomatoes, oka, squash, and other goodies! I'll even give you a basket! Nice corn field.

beckles1 said...

Super storage! Hope Sedona doesn't tote stuff off and hide it! Great mat from Eileen.

Ok, if it is feed corn, then drive over and park next to the tomatoes, okra, squash, etc! I'll even provide a basket. :-)