Tuesday, June 10, 2008


UGH, it was not a pleasant afternoon. I am trying to get all my tooth work done before retirement and had really procrastinated having this last bridge completed. I bit the bullet and the dentist office went to bat with my insurance company to get coverage since it had been so long since the tooth came out, they didn't want to cover it.

Anyway, this little "jewel" is a cantilever bridge on my upper right. I didn't do anything to it for so long because when the surgeon pulled it, it opened up my sinus and it took FOREVER for it to close back up. So now that it has closed, I'm getting a bridge. You know what that takes, shots. I was so numb last evening and I have bitten myself twice on the side of my mouth. I hate that. Anyway, it will be complete July 7.

When I visited my sister, Shirley, this weekend, she gave me an early birthday present. It will be terrific. It's a ball and you make ice cream in it. Just add ice and rock salt. You pass it around to each other for the movement or you can roll it w/your foot. It only makes a pint but it will be good for me. Thanks, Sis.

She got this idea because one year I did the same thing with ziplock bags. You take a quart and put the mix in it and then take the gallon and put the ice and rock salt in it and shake it, worked when you passed it around to people at the pool. Of course it got soooo cooooold that you had to use towels to wrap it around so you could hold it. This present will do a terrific job.

Hey, Becky, didn't think about payolla. I'm not opposed to it you know. LOL

Service awards ceremony is today for the good folks at TWRA who have 30 or more years service. Ann is in charge of the program but she called me and left a message that I should dress up today. Gee thanks. I just don't know what that is any more. She does such a great job at the program. I'm glad I have her.

Bought my fuses last night so now have 5, 10, 15 amp fuses. I'm ready for anything. Can't wait until I'm at a cg and someone asks for a fuse or a washer. By golly, I'm ready. Of Course I've got to get out there in order for someone to ask me that, right?

Margie wants to go to Land Between the Lakes (LBL) this weekend. Sounds promising so I'll work toward that goal and let you know how it works out.


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beckles1 said...

You should let us try your ice cream ball out by the pool! Don't want you to take it on the road and then learn that it's defective!