Monday, June 9, 2008

Notes from the weekend

My oh My, was it hot??? Yes it was. I headed out early Sat morning for a visit in Etowah with my sisters. I rode all the way with my windows down to save precious fuel. I think it helped because my PT Cruiser got 30.8 mpg and that is the best it has ever done. Of course I didn't have my lead foot down on my accelerator either. Ooh, could be a song! A nice consistent 68-70 mph and I was good to go. Forget that my hair looked like a tangled mess when I got where I was going. Headscarf??? I don't think so, more like ball cap for me but I didn't want hat head so that was out. I paid $3.89 gal when I left Nashville and $3.68 in Maryville, TN. What a difference. I saw $3.75 gal on my return to Nashville.

I sure saw a lot of RVers on the road. I was surprised there were so many big rigs still out there. Don't blame them though. Good weekend for travelling. Of course, going up Hwy 411 there were a whole lot of RVs for sale. Guess people are getting scared off by the high cost of gas. Not me, yet anyway. But Somewhere is staying put for a while, too much other stuff to do.

Oh, speaking of going up Hwy 411 N, I saw this sign, U bawt what? on the front of a store. I just chuckled to myself. It struck me as funny. Is that typical of East TN or what??

I'm glad some of you are reading my blog. I am getting some notes from people and one friend Missi, sent me some help on Microsoft Word transition from 2003 to 2007. This website is terrific. Thanks, Missi. I should be able to figure out the new stuff quite nicely now.

Oh, and my nephew, David asked me what the outcome from my Cancun trip was. He said I never got back to telling you. Well, probably because I'm gonna have to slam Just Cruisin Plus on this one. We each received a voucher from Travel Impressions for $150 to be used in the next year through them. Just Cruisin Plus did nothing to make us whole. I have sent many people to them, much business for them. Not anymore. If I didn't have such a good rate for my cruise in November I would be canceling it and going through Becky's new travel site. Can't get a good deal so I'll keep it. The $150 is not tranferrable nor can it be combined with the others so they probably won't be used.

Oh, btw, (I don't think this is a secret) Becky is a referring travel agent now, her website is and her email is It sounds like a fun new business venture she is getting into. When I travel, well outside of my RV, you can bet I'll be booking through her. You can go to her website and book or you can just email her and she will do it for you. Customer service first!! Good Luck Becky!

Oh my, the wedding. It was just so beautiful. It was held outside (hot as hell) next to a creek and the reception was under the pavilion. Stephani was radiant. Oh, I know we say that about all the brides but Stephani really was. Her dress was beautiful, she had a great tan and her posture was exceptional. Now, why did I talk about her posture and poise? Because Stephani has a background in beauty pagents. It showed. She was exceptional. The food was good, dancing was great and the wine was a little too good for me. I rode home with Teresa and stayed the night.

It was good to see cousins I had not seen since they were just little. We all talked about a family reunion. I told them, hey, you get it together and the Etowah group will be there. There is so much work to reunions. You can never pick a good time. It would be good to see everyone.


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beckles1 said...

Great new look for your blog! It just "pops", and is more you. I've copied the info about MS Word 07 as I have it at home also. It hides stuff from you!! (Thanks Missi.) Thanks for the great introduction and plug about my business! If anyone is reading this, I didn't have to pay was her idea!