Sunday, May 18, 2008

What FUN!!!

Saturday night we celebrated my friend, Randy's 60th birthday. Well the actual day is May 19 but since it was the weekend, we partied. First we all met at Cherokee Steak House on Old Hickory Lake. There were about 17 of us there anxiously awaiting he and Debbie's arrival. He was so SURPRISED! He thought we were going to have a party for him next week so he was not expecting anyone but Glenn and Melissa, his daughter & son-in-law. Here is a roomful including his best friend from kindergarten, George & Barbara. Debbie had managed to really pull this one off. The food was delicious. I had forgotten how good their steaks are and how reasonable the price. Good job, Debbie & Melissa.

After eating we went to Melissa & Glenn's house for the "party." It was decorated with Simply 60 banners, and sparkly things. Cute cake w/football figurines on it. The cake was from Publix w/butter cream icing. Ooh, I could have eaten half of it. LOL Melissa had made a powerpoint presentations with his "old" pix and it was funny to watch. She did a great job.

We had a reprise of the Blues Bros by Randy & his friend Mark. They get all dressed up like the BB and then karoke the songs. Randy really enjoys doing this & he was all ready because he had been practicing. He thought he was going to do it next week. Gotcha' Randy.

His gifts were a riot. All gag gifts! 2 of the funniest were a pair of boxer shorts with balls hanging out. OMG, they were so funny. Of course he had to model everything he got so he put them on and we all just died laughing. Oh, we are so bad. Remember when I told you a few posts ago that I went to the Hustler store after Debbie, Sandra and I went to the Menopause the Musical play? Well I went to get Randy a gag gift. I chose a G string that was red and looked like an elephant! Well, Randy put the G string on over his saggy balls shorts and it was a sight to behold. I don't think I need to explain what the elephant looked like. I'll tell you everyone said the trunk was way too long. TMI is all I can say.

It was a great party but I'll tell ya, I had about 4 shots of tequila (Randy's favorite, CaboWabo, and it has taken me about all day to recover. Guess I'm not as young as I used to be. Debbie asked Barbara what she and George thought about last night. She said, "well, our friends are not as frisky as yours!" Enough said.

I'm in the process of erasing my files on my old Gateway computer so I can recycle it. I got it in 2001 so it's on it's last legs. This program is called Erase and I read and heard about it from Kim Komando. She is the digital goddess, has a radio station and a terrific website. If I ever have a question, she is the first source I check. I like calling her show too. If you check it out be sure to get the address & spelling correct, it's

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