Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Whoever came up with this holiday? Now you have to know that I am not a card person. I remember Birthdays but rarely do cards. Even to my Granddaughter. My friend Debbie is a better card person than I. She even handed that down to her daughter Melissa. See, the whole Smith family has birthday's in May. I know this! I wish them happy birthday but have rarely sent cards. Am I bad? Nah, I just don't take after my Mother. My Mama was a card sender. She sent cards on every occasion. She sent cards to all 9 grand children and then to her great grand children. She was a good soul.

So I called my sisters and Debbie called me. It is a good day.

Me, on the other hand, I think, I am silently boycotting the card industry. Wow, does that sound good. I love it that you can send cards electronically, that's my style and I'm usually pretty good about doing that, however, some sicko has even messed that up. People won't open links to e-cards because they have a virus or something in them. Just mess it up for the rest of us, would ya???

I got some stuff priced for the yard sale next weekend out at Debbie's. I went to the New Balance store because I still was not happy with the fit of my new shoes. They got it right this time. I practiced using my Co-Pilot Navigator GPS system on my new Dell. LOL I had to laugh to myself. I couldn't get it off my sister's address in Etowah and it kept wanting me to go East, East, East, turn left. Then it kept calculating a new route. It was funny. Guess I need more practice. Good first time out with it.

Then I came back and read the women's rv forum and decided I am one blessed person. Because I am so bad sending cards, it doesn't bother me when I don't hear from people (my son.) I know things are busy in his life and I just figured he was at a swim meet with Taylor and would call me later. Then it got later and I thought maybe he had forgotten, yes, I did go there. Then at 6:03 p.m. I got the call. "Happy Mother's Day, what have you done today?" Oh my, it was good to hear from him. Thank you Jonathan, you are a good son!

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