Friday, May 16, 2008

Storage thought...again!

Guess until I get in Somewhere permanently I'll continue to have questions about, what to take, what to leave. Now my dilemma is my filing cabinet. I acquired this filing cabinet about 15 years ago and when I got it, the fad was to take torn brown paper bags, mod podge (glue) those pieces overlapping, let it dry, stain it w/tea for an aged look and then put several coats of polyurethane on it. And wah lah, a pretty cool looking filing cabinet, sans, institutional grey paint.

I measured the space under my desk in the bedroom of Somewhere and there is enough room to slide it under the desk. I tossed this topic out to the, who by the way are a great bunch of ladies who are not afraid to offer their opinions, which is what I love about them. Anyway, I digress. Back to the filing cabinet, I know I'm going to need "hidden" storage for papers, etc. and I think this will be perfect. Now my only concern is the weight. This filing cabinet is not one of the flimsy metal ones at Walmart, it has substance. I believe however, it will balance out some weight because it is opposite the slide in the bedroom. Hey, what have I got to lose, I can always take it out if it doesn't work out right?

The neatest thing happened the other night. I got a phone call from the lady (?) (Margie would remember her name.) at Spring Lake RV Resort in Crossville, you know the place we had our TN GTG. Well she wanted to know our blog address and the forum address so she could read what we had said about the resort. She thanked us for coming there and hoped we could come back someday. That was just the keweliest thing... Great customer service. They had begun adding some sites around the lake and those will be finished by August. They will be outstanding sites. Can't wait to go back and visit there.

Picture scanning is finished for the third time. I say third time because whenever I think I am finished, I come across more and then have to scan those. A funny thing I came across is a letter and homework from Jonathan's 3rd grade teacher. This was the only year Jonathan had any trouble in school. His teacher wrote me to tell me Jonathan was not doing well in multiplication tables. Believe me it was not pretty. Anyway, I tell you this because Jonathan was having a really rough week at work and I thought I would cheer him up and send him the letter and homework so he could get a laugh. So I scanned those documents and sent them to him at work. The email was entitled something like, I know your are busy but you have GOT to read this, hoping it would get his attention. Well next morning he emailed me a LOL and said I can remember riding between Chattanooga and Etowah having to practice my multiplication tables. That was it! No big reaction. But that's my son and I love him. I never really expected a response as I would have given. We are very different and that's good.

No specific details about the buyout, Governor Bredesen is proposing. I have just reconciled myself that I won't be included in it. That's okay, I have way too much to do before I leave work.

Big weekend coming up, yard sale at my friend Debbie's house in the morning. Exciting evening but it's a surprise so can't say anything about it right now. Maybe I can get up to visit Somewhere on Sunday. I'm having withdrawals.

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