Monday, March 31, 2008

Mississippi Week

It was a good week but I tell ya, recruiting is not for one person. I set up at 7:00 a.m. and tore down at 7:00 p.m. and the floor was concrete. My back and legs hurt so bad. I love to recruit though. I meet so many interesting and diverse people.

I took a break at lunch and went over to the John Grisham Room at the Mitchell Memorial Library at Mississippi State University Campus. I know John Grisham is not dead but this library was such a tribute to him. I am sure he didn't have room at his house to store all this and to keep it at the temperature required. I love his books but his displays contained the collection of papers and materials from his novels, correspondence with editors and publicity materials. There was fan mail there and it was interesting to read. Scripts, correspondence with directors and publicity materials. Oh, and there were some leather-bound editions of his first 9 novels. It was amazing to see all the "stuff" there for people to read and then room was beautiful. Lots of wood and the floor had an inlay design that was just breathtaking. I'm glad I took the opportunity to go over there and see it. Mississippi has been good to their native son.

I also stopped by the Aspen Candle company. There were no tours available for one but the candles were scrumptious in their aroma. They had some on wholesale and I bought a couple. I got Theda one for keeping Sedona for me while I was gone.

I stopped by to pick up Sedona and to take Theda out for her birthday on my way back. She was 43 on 3/29. Seems like Sedona had a good time. Theda has a dog, Ralph, who I don't think cared too much for Sedona. Sedona wouldn't play with him. Actually, she just ignored him. She is such a snob.

Oh, I called Bud Maxey today about my situation on Easter weekend. He agreed that I should have been told about the diverter. He is going to give me a diverter and a new water filter (since the new one is no good anymore) and is going to check to see what can be done about the entertainment center. I'll do that on 4/17 before I head to Crossville. Cullum & Maxey takes care of their customers. They definitely want to keep me happy. lol

All the trees are blooming. My car is yellow from all the pollen in the air. I sure hope I don't get sick. I have problems with sinus' and don't want to get a flair up before our TN gtg in April. I'm using my nasonex religiously, it will stop whatever decided to invade my nose.

That's all the update for right now, stay tuned.


Margie said...

Don't forget to tell me about the diverter / flter story. I re-read your blog, but couldn't find what the original problem was.

SunshinecruiserTN said...

I can see where you could get lost in the week of the long post. C & M took the diverter out and didn't bother to tell me it was out, so when I went to turn the water on, it gushed out in cabinets and to the outside in the storage bins and flooded my outside entertainment center. UGH!