Monday, March 3, 2008


As promised, pictures. Here is a slideshow of our Cancun '08 trip. Not all pictures are here but you will get a general idea. I purchased a water camera and do not have all the pictures taken but as soon as that happens you will get to see the water stuff such as kayaking, swimming pool and beach. These pictures are from Becky and as soon as Theda sends me hers I'll add another slide show.

Did I mention to NEVER go to the Crown Paradise Resort in Cancun for your vacation? If I didn't I meant to, too overpriced and it is definitely NOT a 5 star resort.

Oh, yesterday was a beautiful day. I went to Clarksville to visit Somewhere. I opened all the windows, decorated and just had a general good time. Can't wait to go somewhere in Somewhere. I checked the fluid levels in the batteries and couldn't believe they were down as low as they were. I got distilled water and filled 'em up. It seems that is how batteries go bad so quickly is people negelect to check the fluid levels. I feel better now.

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