Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rainy Saturday

It's a gloomy ole day in Nashville. Got out for a little while to run errands. Got my water filter for Somewhere. Will need it next weekend for my camping trip to Paris Landing. Also, picked up a few other things, long fork for cooking hotdogs & roasting marshmallows over the fire. I think it's long enough so the heat won't bother me.

While I was at Cullum & Maxey to pick up the water filter I looked at another rig. OMG, what a deal. It is an Allegro Bus, 1998, 20,000 mi, diesel pusher. It was very clean and in real good shape. They were asking $59,000 but I bet it could be had for a lot less. Looked like it had been kept inside. Man, nice rig.

Everybody and his brother was in Walmart today. Couldn't believe the crowd, now I know why I don't like going in there. Now that I'm home, I can just veg, which I will do.

The RV bandanas that K'lynn at made for us came in. Man, they are so cool.

Bigger RV Bandana Shot
Gonna sell them for $5.00 ea plus $1.00 shipping. It's a good deal. The thing about Trailhankie bandanas is that they don't fade. This one is a novelty item but it will sure absorb the sweat if needed. The flamingos come from the WomensRV forum. We wanted something to display just in case we run into each other in a cg, then we can approach the rig and start a conversation. It's a neat concept and I decided to do the bandanas. If no one wants them, oh well, so much for my idea. I had Becky take a look at it and she gave me some feedback and I made changes to what I think is an excellent product. You will have to tell me what you think.

Bought a couple of Kenny Chesney CD's today. Don't know why I have waited so long, love his music. His songs remind me a little of Jimmy Buffetts. Gotta get Alan Jackson's, It's 5'oclock somewhere, guess that will be my theme song.

Until tomorrow :)

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