Saturday, March 8, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

And it did. It was a beautiful snow on Friday night. Beautiful because I knew I didn't have to get out and go to work today. Couldn't resist adding some pictures for you all to enjoy. Here is from my back porch and out the front door in Nashville. Enjoy It snowed about 2-3 inches but quickly left this morning. Roy said it was pretty bad when he came home from work about 2a.m. Said there were cars everywhere. It was sunny and beautiful today. Snow gone!

OMG, did I tell you my kayak came this week? Yes, Yes, Yes. I just inflated that little puppy and Sedona and I went everywhere in the living room. LOL Actually we sat in it so that she could get used to the smells, etc. I pretended to paddle like I was in the water. We had fun. It took about 15 minutes to inflate the first time and then about 5 minutes to take it down and put it in the case. I'm ready to go. Sedona has her floation device so now I have to get me one. Of course, it's too cold to get into the water around here. I don't think that I'll trust that I can get in and out of it before I get good and wet. LOL I got the SeaEagle 330. You can look at it on the web at I'll post pix when I get to use it, maybe at our TN gtg in April. There is a good pond up there.

Don't know if I have told you yet but I think I am going to use a person who does Estate Sales when I get ready to sell everything. I have been thinking about that and doing some research. You know, you can't get much at yard sales so I think that's the best way for me to go. I'll fill you in when the time comes. Just have to pray the housing market comes back, the stock market doesn't keep falling and just overall my $$ don't go away.

I read where gas in CA is $5.19 per gallon. Whew, how far can I go?

I posed the question on the RV Women's chat room about what I should do for Easter. Go home to family or go camping. Tee hee--guess what they said--"Let's go camping, pa!" Well they didn't say it exactly like that but I just had to use a phrase that I really get tired of on the TV commercials. Yes, I know I asked a loaded room of fellow camping people what they would do, but I am really thinking of doing just that. Guess I'll go to Paris Landing State Park. It's fairly close to Clarksville where Somewhere is parked and that would make it nice to head in that direction. Of course I could find somewhere in KY to go and then I could color in another state on my places visited in my RV, TN is the only one I could color. Well, for right now anyway.

Well, it's time for me to go watch the Lady Vols beat Lady Dores in the SEC semi finals. Should be a good game. I'm not too worried about us beating them but I am a little concerned about tomorrow night when we play LSU for the SEC championship. Ooh, guess I should have more confidence, right? right!

Update on the Cancun trip. Sabrina, our travel agent is working for us and has filed a complaint with Travel Impressions to help us out for our trip to Cancun. another update will follow, Sabrina works for Just Cruisin' Plus. She has been good so far, we will see if she really works hard for us. I've sent her a bunch of customers so I hope she comes through.

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