Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oh I forgot!

There are a couple of things I forgot to mention about my weekend so here it goes. Theda and I were sitting in the MH eating breakfast and I heard this peck, peck, peck. It sounded like a woodpecker pecking on my MH. I opened the shades and there was this cute little blue and white bird that did look similar to a woodpecker but Theda identified it as a nut bush (I think.) She said it was their behavior. Anyway this little bugger wouldn't go away and it was driving Sedona crazy, as you can imagine. But it was nature at it's best right? lol

The other thing was when we went to Ft Donelson we saw a bald eagle sitting on it's nest and then another one in a tree. We figured it was the mate of the one sitting on the nest. Man, those nests are huge. I try to post a pix a little later.

I thought of these things on my way to Starkville, MS today. I came down for recruiting at MS State. It was about a 348 mi trip and I had a lot of time to think and remember more details of the weekend trip.

One thing I don't understand, when Cullum & Maxey winterized my MH for the first time, why didn't they leave the diverter in where the water filter went or at least tell me that they took it out so I could order one for when it was time to de-winterize. Man, I can't wait to get back to ask that question. The more I think about it the more ticked I get. I think the water that leaked out damaged my outdoor entertainment center. Oh, yes, I'll get to the bottom of it. Look out Bud Maxey, you will get a phone call from me.

This is a nice town. John Grisham has a museum on campus so I will plan on visiting that tomorrow if I have time. There is also an Aspen Candle Co here that gives tours, I'll have a little time on Fri to do that.

It's good to be out of the office, love road trips. Wish I could have brought Somewhere down here but it's a little far for right now. There is not a CG close enough to have stayed. Who knows, next time. It was a beautiful sunny day and it's was about 72 degrees. Hope it remains great weather.


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