Thursday, February 28, 2008

Almost a month

Hi all, have you given up on me? Been too busy to post much and this will be short & sweet, more details to come later.

Somewhere is doing well. Went to see her this weekend, took the tire covers off and moved her enough to get her off the bottom of the tires. She needed 1/2 turn so that's what she got. I also started up the genny and it was smooth as could be. I'm ready for a trip in her, guess Easter weekend will be my next time out in her.

Just returned from Cancun! The trip from hell. Well actually we had a good time. There was just so much wrong with the resort, Crown Paradise, that I can't begin to go into all of it tonight. It was supposed to be a 5 star resort, welllll, let me just tell you, it was more like a 3 star. With all the money we paid out, we were disappointed beyond belief. Weather was great and the water was beautiful. I needed the break, the sunshine and the booze! Got all three in huge quantities. I'll post pix when I get them.

Work has been very busy. We are testing for a new computer system, Edison. Ups and downs and can't wait for it to be up up and running and life can get back to normal.

My friend Margie, up an went to FL. She has a class B, named MS "B" haven, and they needed sunshine and are at the beach. Good for her. Won't be long till I can do that.

Sister Shirley, came up from Ft Myers to see her new great granddaughter, Addy. They came up from TX so it was a homecoming like no other. It was good to see the pix of great grandmother and great grand pa. They looked very happy.

Been snowing in TN, not much but it caused schools to get out, as usual. Middle TN didn't get as much as East TN. We mostly got ice which is worse than snow.

More details and pictures on our trip.

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