Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What a dreary ole rainy day! But we need the rain and for that rain I am thankful. Speaking of thankful. What's for Thanksgiving? I had planned on going to one of beautiful state parks, Montgomery Bell, for one of their huge dinners but when I called they said they were booked. So I guess I'll have to go to plan "b" which I don't know what that is yet.

I have so much to be thankful for. My family, health, good friends, good job, nice place to live and life are all the things that most everyone can say they are thankful for. A little about my family:

As already established I am the baby of four, all girls. We had the best Mama and Daddy anyone could have. They established our values and morals and for that I am thankful. My two remaining sisters (1 died in a car wreck many years ago) have the big families. Shirley (oldest), you know she is going to love me for that, & Doug have two sons who are both married. Jimmy, Shirley's oldest, is married to Ann and they have two children, Mark & Jenny. Mark is married to Jess and they have a very cute little baby girl, Addy Beth and that makes me a great, great aunt. Ken is Shirley's baby boy who is married to Faith Ann and they have a very smart little boy, Samuel. Did I say he was a very smart little boy??

Wanda is my other sister and she & Don got started early and have four children. David is their eldest ( I used to babysit him, change his diapers and taught him to walk) and he is married to Jan. David has two children, Erika and Derek. Erika has two beautiful children (another great, great aunt,) plus she is a beauty herself. Derek is now in college, not married and oooh so good looking. Michael is Wanda's next son. Michael has a whole slew of kids. He and Teri have three; Don Michael, and twin girls, Michaela & Danielle. In addition Michael has helped to raise Teri's three sons, which makes them with six kids in their family. Teri's sons have helped make me another great, great, step-aunt. Then there is my only niece, Deborah and she is married to Mark. They have horses and cats. This is where our family meets for Christmas. Then the baby of this group is Charles. He and Rita have one son, Heath. Heath is a very active boy and can flip like crazy.

Whew! Brenda's (deceased) family consists of Darrell, Jr and his wife Rhonda. They have two sons-Corey and Logan. Corey is a very good ball player, be it football or baseball. Corey is a left handed pitcher in baseball and is quite good. We are hoping to see him in the major leagues one day. Logan is coming up and is enjoying his sports, he's a bit young to be showing talent but I guess if Darrell, Jr has anything to do with it, it won't be long. No kids here yet. Brenda's twin boys-Roy and Jerry follow. Jerry and Dana have two sons-Jacob & Joshua. Jacob is into racing 4-wheelers and though I have not seen him, they say he is very good. I'm sorry but I don't know Josh's interest just yet. Bet at his age, it's girls. Then there is Roy-Roy is single and right now is living with me. He works for the CSX RR and in order to work he had to relocate to Nashville so it makes sense for him to stay with me. (more on that later)

Then there is my family. I have one son, Jonathan and he has one daughter, Taylor and yes that makes me a Gran, not Grandmother but Gran and I really like that name. Taylor is a swimmer and she is on the swim team the Boomers. I'm sure when it comes time for "meets" you will get a report on my precious girl. That's my first destination when I get my RV, spend more time with Taylor. You see, they live about 9 hours from me so I don't get to see them much but that will change.

Our family doesn't get together on Thanksgiving-everybody goes their separate ways or has smaller family meals. This usually is the "in-laws" holiday. Just wait until Christmas eve, all 52 of us get together in one house. What fun!

I told you this little more history to understand how much I have to be thankful for, beginning to see??

Well, I was going to tell you about my friends next because they are very important to me but you know what, I'm going to wait. I'll dedicate an entire post to my friends one day.

Have a blessed day tomorrow and if you are travelling, stay safe and buckle up!

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