Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Today was such a ho hum day. It was cloudy when I got up to go get my oil changed. By the time I did that and ran to Wally world, it had begun to spit rain a little. So a couple of more stops and I came back home to cheer on our Titans. Well, as we all know, our Titans needed more than cheering on. They sucked!! Hate to write them off this year but maybe next year will be our year. It is raining so hard. It's cold and it's just a good day to stay inside and veg. Gosh, I seem to enjoy doing that a lot.

Read some posts on the women's RV forum and it is just so refreshing to know there are people out there who are thinking of doing and are doing the same thing I am planning on doing. Even if you don't plan on doing this, this forum is a good place to go and I have it linked on my blog.

If you couldn't tell, I figured out the "lost" post from Friday so now I have two posts on there for that day. It will help remind me of my first mistakes. Hey speaking of that, do you know how to think of mistakes? Well, we have all seen movies so if you think of a mistake in this movie context, a mistake is simply a mis-take and a chance for us to do over. How about that! I heard that many moons ago and I always think of that.

I picked up a few gifts at Wally world. Only have a few more things to get. I'm stumped on my $10.00 family gift. See we all bring a $10.00 gift and then play dirty Santa until all the gifts are given out. Everyone tries to bring the gift that is most popular and gets "stolen" the most. Actually, if the gift is "stolen" more than three times it's "dead" and you have to take someone elses or open another one. It is a lot of fun and it prevents everyone from going broke trying to buy gifts for so many. It's all about family and fellowship anyway. Well, I haven't found the "perfect" gift yet and that's unusual for me. I'll keep looking. I have picked up a few items for our bingo games. It's good to get things at the end of the season for little or nothing and take them to Christmas. It may only cost .10 but it gets attention like it cost more. It's very fun.

I've started making kind of a list for the things I think I will need for my retirement days in my RV. My goodness, when you think of the things, it's overwhelming. I decided I need to get some knee pads that strap on with Velcro. Why you may ask! See my knees aren't that great and if (when) I have to get on my knees to hook/unhook things or when looking under the truck/RV then I figure it will be easier on me if I have knee pads. The other thing is the silicone bakeware. It's lightweight and can be used to pad other dishes. I've heard it's really good and it browns so evenly. I have already put this on my list for Christmas. Sounds like I plan on cooking a lot while RVing, that's a joke, I don't cook now. Well, very little and more so since Roy has come to live with me. I figure I'm going to need a GPS but I'm waiting on that, depending on what kind of truck I get to pull my 5'er it may have one already on it. I am going to have to get a laptop. I currently have a desktop that is about six years old, you know it's obsolete in computer years. I'm waiting as long as I can to get one but I need to get it before I quit work. Also, I'm going to need a new digital camera. Yes I have one and it was great. It's a 3.2 pixel and I think I will upgrade but I won't be in a hurry to do that. It takes great pix to go into my blog. I have been looking at the recliner lounge chairs at Camping World. They all look terrific but I'm not sure which of these best suits me. Some of them hit me in the wrong place in my back, just not that comfy. I'm sure I'll continue to add to this list.

Sedona got a new ball today. It is cute and has loops on it she can grip better. She likes to chase balls but she can't get a hold of the smooth ones. Her friend, Duchess, gave her one that is real soft and she loves it but it is getting ragged. Duchess is my best friend, Debbie's, poodle. She has come over here to stay and Sedona goes over there. They are so funny to watch. They are both timid & shy for about the first 10 minutes and then all heck breaks loose. They chase each other and play fight. It's really good for both of them because they are both only children and need some play time with others. Sometimes it hard for them to share.

Hope everyone had a safe holiday and is home from their travels. Can't wait to hear from Debbie. She, Randy and their neighbors went to Savannah Ga and had Thanksgiving dinner with Paula Deen, wellllll, maybe she didn't have dinner with Paula but she was at her house. Whew, I'm glad I straightened that out.

I hope Cindy's mother, Wilma, and her friends made it back to Oak Ridge. It was such a nasty travel day.

OH, did I tell you that Taylor and Jonathan put their tree up already. Guess they are getting ready for my visit on Dec 7. I'm going down for family day at Jonathan's work and can't wait. I'll write more about that later.

Hey folks, if you are reading, give me some feedback and give me some comments.

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ASwayne said...

Great blog page, Jenny introcuced us to blogs, she and Mark both have My Space and we keep up a lot through it. Also it is cheaper than snail mail, so keep blogging...