Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reservations made for AR Get together

I'm still in Etowah TN but it looks like my nursing days are slowly coming to an end. Shirley heads to therapy tomorrow so I suppose I'll probably head on back to New Johnsonville TN on Saturday.

I made my reservations to attend the women's RV forum in Arkansas. There should be about 17 of us there some of whom I haven't met before. I always enjoy meeting the women who share my love of RVing, the stories that happen around that campfire! Well, just let me say "what goes on with the sistahs, stay with the sistahs.

Can't wait to get back to Somewhere and Sedona.


Anonymous said...

Hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil, but drink like tha devil, eat like it's goin outta style and giggle till your face hurts! Can't wait!

Margie and Roger said...

Great to see you back online again and good to read that you have been having a lot of fun. I had some shoulder surgery a couple of years ago and I'm sure your sister really appreciated you being there. Looking forward to reading how your plans turn out. We have horrible phone service or I would call you. Maybe later in the week.