Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back to New Johnsonville TN

Sister Shirley is doing much better after her rotator cuff surgery. She is going to therapy and working on her exercises. She is doing so well I decided I could go back to my "home place" in New Johnsonville, back to my little Sedona. I have missed her so much I couldn't wait to see her. I had talked to her on the phone one day and she said "come home mommy," I just know she did.

She was so happy to see me and I was her too. I was happy to see Somewhere too. I have missed being home.

I've done a few jobs Theda had planned for me and there are still some items on her list that I need to complete. The biggie was her closets. Lots and lots of clothes are going to the local charity on Thursday. I'm afraid if I don't get them there, she may change her mind. LOL I'll have to say that I inherited a few pairs of capris and a jacket so I had to go out to Somewhere and find something to take out so I could put those new to me clothes in there.

Nephew Jerry came down on Tuesday to visit for a few days. Today we went out on the pontoon boat as Theda slaved away at the park. Since the flood she has had some FEMA workers working and they had piled debris up so she could go behind them with backhoe and put all the debris in a TDOT dump truck. She will be working hard for the days that Jerry is her so I drive by on the boat and blow the horn to let her know we are at least thinking of her. Oh my, how curel am I?

Tomorrow Jerry and I are planning another boating day and then the three of us are going for pedicures. Oh yes, I'll take my camera for that, should be a good photo op that doesn't need to get by us.

My RV friend, Beth, has a new kayak. If you want to see pictures and read a little about it, click on this link. This is a cute kayak. Different than mine but can't wait until we all get to the Arkansas Get Together so we can get in the water together.

I have made plans to go to the Arkansas Women's RV forum get together in September and then some of us will go up to Branson MO. Should be lots of fun. I've invited BFF, Becky to fly into Little Rock and come join us. She is still pondering and I hope she decided to. Lots of the women want to see her. This gtg should be interesting as we are going to have about 4-5 husbands/significant others joining us. Some have come before but never this many. Will bring a good dynamic to our group. I've never been to Branson and I'm looking forward to that.

Good update and if I have a good connection tomorrow, you will see pedicure pictures.



Margie and Roger said...

You really pushed it when you rode past Theda in the pontoon boat! do have a little mean streak don't you?

Remember, if Beckie gets to the GTG, you need to have her help you DUMP again - be sure someone has their camera ready for that moment.

Beckles said...

Margie's referenced photo opportunity will have to happen another time. Alas, Arkansas GTG will not work out for me. Sounds like it will be an awesome trip, and it keeps growing!