Friday, July 30, 2010

Jerry's New J'ville Perspective

As promised here are pictures of our day spa experience. Took forever to upload from my destination. Too many pictures have been taken so I decided to put it in a slide show. These pictures give you a perspective of the surroundings of New Johnsonville from the water and in "town." It was good to have company visiting for a few days.

We also went over to Loretta Lynn's Ranch to see how much work had been done since their flooding and all looks back to normal except for one area of road yet to be paved. They are having some Motocross Championship races this week so it was very busy. Lots of RVs around.

Of course Kentucky Lake/TN River was our favorite place during the hot July TN days, just a little way to stay cool.


Beckles said...

Gorgeous scenery! Some should be on TSP's website....maybe not the spa day shots!! I had my own spa day yesterday, but darn, no pix! Looks like great fun by all!!

Margie and Roger said...

Well you sure look stylin' in your matching swimsuit and hat! Love Theda's blue nail polish. Really pretty sunsets. I hope you meet someone in Davenport with a pontoon boat...and you take me along.