Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Day at the Surgery Center

Yesterday was the big day for Sister Shirley's shoulder surgery. She got there at 11:00 am, was told surgery would be at 3:30 pm, and would be going home before 6:00pm. Wow, my rotator cuff surgery lasted 2 hrs and I was at the hospital 23 1/2 hours. Wonder if Medicare is responsible for the rush, rush, rush?

Shirley and Doug have many friends. Bobby and Willa and Judy and Larry along with sister Wanda and BIL Don were up at the surgery center. They have received many calls and prayers of support.

Surgery went well. They repaired 2 tendons, added 4 anchors and removed a bone spur. She will be as good as new when she heals. However the road will be long and painful for a few months.

When we got her home, Wanda and I put the cold water circulator on her to serve as ice packs. This little contraption was put on me right after surgery when I had my rotator cuff repaired and it works miracles. Glad I kept it as we have had two other rotator cuff repairs in the family since mine. Recycling serves a good purpose.

BIL Doug and I took shifts. I took the night shift since I'm a night owl and he went off to get some rest. Shirley slept most of my shift except for the times she would need to get up for the bathroom. Everytime she would get up she would get sick at her stomach. When she was at the emergency room after the accident they had some barf bags and they picked up a few extra and I'll say they have certainly have come in handy. (Hope you aren't reading this at breakfast! LOL)

I went to sleep about 7:30 and awoke about 10:30 when my telephone wouldn't quit ringing. Got plenty of rest and Shirley's anesthesia is wearing off some. She is more alert this morning.

Thanks for all the calls and emails about her condition but most importantly, thanks for the prayers.

I'll be here until at least the weekend or until they get tired of me. I am glad that I can be flexible enough to be here for them.

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