Monday, June 29, 2009

Thirty Years of Dedicated Service

I suppose one can say it is official. I have thirty years of service with the State of Tennessee. During those years I have worked with the Departments of Safety, Environment & Conservation, Agriculture and TN Wildlife Resources. I also did a stint with the Departments of Personnel and Revenue but that was the time from hell so I won't count them. I also worked at the TBI and that was one of the most fun and challenging jobs I had. Oh, but there was nothing like working for TN State Parks and being around the people in that agency. They look at work a little differently than most employees. They know how to work hard AND play hard.

I enjoyed most of my time working in Human Resources/Employee Development. I have learned a lot. I was able to get my BS degree while working for state government. I have traveled into all 95 counties of this great state. I am proud to say that if I get into a fix anywhere in this state, I could pick up the phone and call someone and they would come to my rescue. I have tried to treat every employee like they are special and feel important because they are.

Having a big old hug from Ed certainly doesn't hurt.

I was glad that our new Executive Director, Ed Carter, presented me with my plaque. He kind of "grew up" in the agency and is extremely well liked and respected across the nation and in the boating arena, internationally.

It will be especially difficult for me to continue working until October but I have to keep telling myself that by doing so it will further my goals of where I want to be next year.

I also received a broach with an emerald on it. The emerald was about the size of a pin head so don't get excited thinking that state government is wasting your taxpayer money on jewels for their employees.

Now, what did I do with the plaque, you may ask. See I have no wall that I want to devote as a "me" wall, so I took the brass plate off the plaque and gave the wooden base back to Ann (she's the person who orders awards) to use for another recipient. What I'll do with the brass plate is still a mystery. TWRA also provides a plaque to those people who retire from this agency. I told Ann to take the money they would spend on that plaque and buy me something useful. Don't know if she will do that, but it's my request. Hey, I the boss of that area, surely I can order me what I want, right? LOL


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Margie and Roger said...

You look beautiful! And so happy and proud...and you should be! Quite an accomplishment. Maybe you look so happy because you know you are just a few months away from your big adventure.