Thursday, July 2, 2009

Duchess Turns Four

Duchess is my BFF, Debbie's poodle. She turned four and Debbie, the ultimate party planner, had a birthday party for her. Of course, Sedona got to go along with two other friends of Duchess. There was Allie at 8 years, Duchess was 4, Sedona is almost 3 and Precious, a yorkie/poodle mix, is about 6 months old.

At first they were not sure of each other. Precious had way too much energy for the others. I believe she got on their nerves. Finally they finished with their sniffing and checking each other out that they began to ignore one another. Probably with the thought that if they ignore it, it would just go away.

Debbie served Frosty Paws (doggie ice cream) and then had gifts for the guests. For adults she also served ice cream but no gifts for us. Hey, Deb, what's up with that? I had pondered what Sedona would wear for the occasion but then decided it was way too hot for her to wear anything except her harness and collar. Just as well, she shouldn't show up the Guest of Honor, right?

We tried to think of a way we could take a picture with all the dogs but couldn't figure a good way, so here I am with three of them and they were not happy campers. They were too close to each other. Guess I'm not much of a dog whisperer after all.


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Teresa Brooks said...

That is just tooo cute.....what a hoot!!!!