Friday, July 10, 2009

Retirement Date Selected

I know I have missed talking about my birthday and celebration on the 4th of July so I'll do that in a later post. I just wanted to make this announcement.

I have made a decision that I will retire on September 1, 2009. I am not going to delay it any longer. I am not happy at work, nothing much to do. I can be more productive living my life on the road and I feel GREAT about my decision.

I had my plans all laid out beginning in November forward, now I have to decided what I'll do in Sept and October but I'm sure that won't be too difficult to figure out. I'm thinking the Smokies in October sounds mighty fine. Who knows? I do know I'll be staying pretty close in the area.

I have a cruise planned in late September and my flight leaves out of Nashville so I'll hang around for that. Anyway, that's what I know and I so very excited.

Gotta get tires for Somewhere and probably Grey Goose. There is a recall on Somewhere's Chassis so I'll get that taken care of in September so I guess I'll have enough to fill my time and I won't know what I did before I retired, right? That's what I hear so we will see.

So get ready blog, get ready world, Here she comes!



Margie and Roger said...

YAHOOOOOOO! I'm so happy for you! You won't regret your change of plans. Yes, maybe the Smokies would be a good idea. Maybe where Gary is working?

Beckles said...

What an exciting time in your life! I'm so very happy for you in making this wonderful decision.