Sunday, June 21, 2009

Good bye, Becky

Life changes. Sometimes it's not changes we would want or understand but life changes. My BFF, Becky, left a few days ago and will be living in Nevada. It all happened so fast. She began talking about moving to AZ or NV last year. She retired, took the buyout. She began downsizing by selling things on Craigslist and having garage sales. All this much like that has been happening to me. Becky put her house on the market in Hendersonville and within 2 days her house was SOLD. Soo now what?

Got to get to Vegas and start looking for somewhere to live. She happened to be out at Vegas the same time I was out there. They found a home. Now it was time to get out there. They loaded up a big Penske truck, driven by Ron's (Becky's husband) brother-in-law pulling their car. A u-haul trailer on the back of their pick-up truck, driven by Ron and off they went with Knipper and Molly, their 2 big dogs.

I would talk to her every once in a while, they were in W Memphis, Arkansas, they were driving through the Ozarks, now they are in OK, she said it was sure flat there. Then when I talked to her and they were outside Holbrook AZ, heading to Winslow. Well you are going to stop and stand on the corner in Winslow, aren't you, I asked? She didn't know but maybe. The Eagles would be disappointed if you didn't watch the flat bed Ford...

Talked to her today and they are in Henderson and had just bought new appliances to be delivered tomorrow. They sign the papers tomorrow and after the deed is recorded can move in on Tuesday. Good Luck and best wishes. Sure hope she finds me an RV park out there! Nah, I'll just take the extra bedroom. LOL
These are a few memories of our life here in Nashville and on some of our trips. I'll miss her but I'll be leaving this place in October and I'll still have my BFFs, no matter where my front yard is. Oh, some pictures I couldn't post.

Bec and I have laughed, cried, drank, gotten mad, been happy and have experienced a lot of things that only friends can share. We were too close, according to employers and needed to be split up because we were too powerful together. Oh, what did they know. We accomplished more things at that place than they ever would with use gone. Oh well, their loss. Our bond never waivered. It was fun and funny and I'm glad we were/are friends.

This is a new chapter in Becky and Ron's life and I hope they have much happiness.

Love you, BFF.



Margie and Roger said...

Nice tribute to Becky! Was hoping to see that last photo! I remember that night! Yep, BFF are just that, "forever".

Beckles said...

Since you wrote this post on June 21, I've read several times. I couldn't remember my password to log on, so never commented to this wonderful tribute until now. As anyone who knows me would expect,my eyes leaked....each time I read it. I also chuckled at some parts. Gosh, I think this is my first tribute! And what a great tribute it is from my BFF. Since this post, I learned you'll be starting your next Chapter about a month or so earlier!!! I am so very happy for you. So many fun things ahead for you.

To quote you, our bond never waivered. What fun we had, and it will continue to be fun for both of us....AND we will meet again down the road for more fun!! BFF's....for sure! And if I were posting pix, there are also some that I couldn't post!! Love you...Bec.