Friday, February 13, 2009

Quck update

Just wanted to jump in quickly and give an update. Papers are signed to put my town home on the market as of March 2 for $163,900. Let's hope it sells for that.

Why wait until March 2? I am getting ready for a moving sale which should move out a lot of stuff so that will make me have less clutter. Less is more, right? Figure that one. I'm sure this will not be the last moving sale I will have but it's a start. My sale will be Feb 20 & 21.

Then I will have someone come in and clean and spit shine everything and then I'll be ready. I want it to have the best first impression when that MLS hits the Internet. Believe me it's worth having someone come in and do it! I hate the down deep cleaning. After Gayle leaves from cleaning, I'll decide if Sedona must go visit Theda for a few weeks. I'm thinking yes, but I'll have to check with Theda first! Ya, think???

It would be good if my town home sells really quick, then I could save all the money from household expenses and recoup some of my housing losses, plus have a bigger cash nest egg for when I hit the road.

Craigslist hasn't been that great for me this time but I have sold a few things. I'll keep up with continuing to post things on Craigslist while I prepare to move 'em on out/up!

Now you know what's going on with me. I'll give an update after my sale.


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