Sunday, February 15, 2009

Garage Sale Update

OMG, who would have thought I had so much stuff. It's overwhelming. I have been carrying stuff out to my garage for all of yesterday & most of this Sunday morning, so I decided to take a break and update everyone.

First off I set up three 8 foot tables in my 1 car garage and soon realized I needed all four set up. Now I have set in boxes under the table. My goodness where did all this come from? It was important at one time. Here are a couple of shots of the garage. Now, I'll have to move out into the driveway in order to get the furniture, etc in there. And it's is supposed to turn cold on Saturday. Thankfully Friday is supposed to be halfway decent as far as weather.
Theda is coming over to help on the sale weekend. Becky may come over on Monday to help me get stuff from upstairs to downstairs. Nothing heavy, I'm saving that for Roy.
My plans are to box everything after the sale and leave it out in the garage. Gayle from my work is coming over on Sat the 28th to spit & shine everything and that will be a relief because I won't be in the mood to spit & shine.
Well, got to get back at it. Don't want to get lazy by sitting around.

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Margie and Roger said...

Wow! You sure have been busy this weekend! Good progress! Having all that stuff out in the garage will make it easier for the cleaning lady to do a really good job also.

Stupid me, I saw "Garage Sale" and photos and immediately double-clicked to enlarge them to see if there was anything I might need to buy. What am I, nuts? No answer required.