Sunday, February 22, 2009

Garage Sale Over

Well, finally two days of busy, hard work and it's over. I had a very successful two days because I got rid of so much stuff and made a little money to boot. My friend Debbie said "so did you make enough for a tire for Somewhere?" How funny to think in terms like that!

Friday was more busy than Saturday so when I do this again, I'll have it on Thursday and Friday and leave out the Saturday. I was going to box up everything and have another sale later on but decided that much of the stuff just needed to go to Goodwill. So Theda and I loaded up the car on Saturday just before the bottom dropped out with rain and I took a car full down to Goodwill.

It is just amazing to me what people will buy and what they won't. I had some really good things and they were not touched. I had some "junk" and they bought up all that and wanted more. Gosh, how can you know people.

I did find out that my ads in the Tennessean, News Channel 5 free classifieds, Craigslist and garage sale all worked. I tried to ask how people found out about it. Most said they read it in the paper, some Channel 5, some just driving by. How can you tell what will work? It worked, that's all one can hope for.

I cannot say enough about good friends. Theda took off work and came up to help me set out and sell. OMG, I could not have done it without her. One person cannot do a yard sale alone. Roy was here but had to work days on both of the sell days.

Sunday they both helped me box up the stuff that will either be in another sale or will be given to someone. Only have about four boxes of that kind of stuff. I have two boxes for Taylor. They were four glassware things I just couldn't part with and couldn't sell them for what they were worth. She will cherish them when she gets out on her own, notice I didn't say when she gets married. My hope is she will get out on her own before marriage. She will also get my flatware. There are some things that just don't need to go anywhere than with family.

I feel so liberated. Another huge step closer to full timing.

Got a notice from the IRS this weekend that has prayed on my mind. I have to go to a CPA now to see if the IRS knows what it is talking about. It has to do with my 2007 return so If I have to pay like they say, I may be working longer. Time will tell. Not going to worry until it's time.


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beckles1 said...

Call me if you need an escort to the bank to deposit your money earned!! I know you're glad this part is over, and ready for the next step.