Thursday, March 31, 2011

What does one do in stormy weather???

Make lemonade, of course.
27 Myer Lemonds

15 yielded a quart
During the break in the storm yesterday, Margie, Roger and I went to raid the last of the lemons (with permission of course) on the "secret" tree so it could begin to bloom and produce again.  You all may remember reading about the lemon fairy who kept me in lemons since I have been here.

What to do with all these lemons to keep them from going bad?  A girl can only drink so many lemon drops at one time.  I was talking to my sister this weekend and she suggested I squeeze the lemons and put them in ice trays, freeze them, put them in a zip lock bag and I can have lemonade anytime I want.  What a brilliant idea.  Thanks Shirley.

I mentioned the stormy weather and I don't mean just raining, take a look at this:
This is just a little of what we have dealt with all morning.  Tornado warnings for Polk County (the county I live in) and one was spotted in the western part of Polk Co.  I have a rain gauge and Monday there was 5.75" showing, today from last night until about 10 a.m was only 1.5" but it's raining again so there may be more.  I've read that rains like this can cause sink holes to appear.  Hope we don't start losing park models in here.  Uck!  That would be baaaad!

Sedona does not like to get wet.  During a break in the rain we went out for a walk and she was stepping high.  We stopped over at Margie's and then the bottom dropped out while we were outside talking.  We began to run, yes I was running but I'll have to say not for long.  I figured I could use a hair dryer on us and we could get dry quickly.  This rain is not cold like in TN.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!



Jeff & Barbie said...

Stay safe over there. We had heavy rain start at 5:30 with thunder and lightning but luckily no bad wind here. Been watching this weather all morn on tv and those tornadoes are quite scary. Looks like you folks caught it too. Hopefully no damage or injuries. Oh yeah, Sharon stopped by Tuesday.

Margie and Roger said...

What did I do in the stormy weather? Went to the activity hall to safe from a potential tornado.

You sure have been busy making lemonade. Hope all that juice lasts until you return later this year.

Beckles said...

Hmmm, don't know how I missed commenting on this story! The lemons look so very lemony!! I know you will put it to excellent use. LOL!