Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jonathan and Taylor visit

My son, Jonathan and granddaughter, Taylor came down for a visit.  We went to Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom and had a wonderful day.  Their visit was cut short by my bad cold and crappy cold weather.  But we made the best of a great day.  This was Taylor's first visit to Disney and Jonathan hadn't been there since he was 3 yo and he is 35 now.

We had a fun time riding the rides and we all agreed that the Big Mountain Thunder was the best roller coaster.  It's funny how Space Mountain seemed so cool way back then.  It was still fun but wasn't what I remembered.  Of course we had to do it's a Small World.  Yes, the song stuck in our head for a while.

Nothing would do the kids but to spin Gran on the Tea Cups.  I think you will see we all enjoyed even though I thought I would toss my cookies.  Very worth it.

It was a terrific trip and can't wait to do it again.


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Beckles said...

Such fun riding the tea cup!! Love hearing the wonderful laughter and seeing Taylor's happiness and enjoyment!!