Saturday, September 11, 2010

Las Vegas Trip-Happy Birthday Becky

Theda and I decided to surprise Becky for her 60th birthday and fly to Las Vegas. It took a little planning and thanks to her LV friend, Barbara Ann and her husband, Ron we pulled it off. We checked in at Paris LV and was to meet her at Le Central in the Paris casino. She thought she was coming to meet Barbara Ann but instead, surprise, Theda and Carolyn. I was so nervous with anticipation. Finally she came around behind me and saw Theda first. Her mouth hit the ground. Another friend, Missi, who couldn't come kept saying, you know she is going to leak (our word for cry.) We fully expected her to leak but that didn't happen until we were getting ready to say our goodbyes 4 days later.

We had such a good time. First night, she and Ron stayed in our room. Ron fell sometime during the morning and as it turned out broke his arm. I told him he would have a heck of a story about staying in a room with three wild women.

Next day Becky came to pick us up and we went to her house. We had not seen it since she had moved out there 18 months ago. It is beautiful and her community is terrific. Great clubhouse, nice pool, and lots of activities. It's a Dale Webb community, need I say more. There is a great view of the LV strip so she should have no problems watching the fireworks from where she is. We also checked out several campgrounds for me and found two we really liked. Several were dumps and glad I saw them in person as their websites look better than they really are. I think I have found my winter home next year at the Oasis RV Resort. It's close to Becky and the strip.

Becky turned us on to the In-n-Out Burgers! OMG, very good. I think they even have 5 guys beat, they definitely do on their fries. Yummy.

She also took us to ethel's Chocolate factory and cactus gardens. The candy was to die for and it was nice looking around the gardens. What a fun day!

Of course we couldn't go to Vegas w/out a trip to Freemont Street. It's the summer of '70's so naturally our tye dye's were in order. Well, actually everytime the YaYa's go somewhere we have at least one tye dye day and this was it. It was fun and was especially nice having a driver take us.

Theda and I visited the pool while Becky took Ron to the DR where they set his arm and put a cast on it. Becky came down for her steak dinner at the Paris. Thanks to Theda all our meals and room were comped. Except for the flight and the $$ I lost to the one-armed bandit, it was a relatively cheap trip. I knew I sold that dulcimer for a reason.

Enjoy the slide show for the pix in and around Henderson and LV NV. Happy Birthday, Becky.



Margie and Roger said...

Looks like you all had a great time...except for Ron. Too bad he fell and broke his arm...there must be a story there.

Love your "residence" for next winter. Very nice! It will be neat that you will be so close to Becky and Ron.

Beckles said...

It's difficult to find words to express what this trip meant to me. I'll start out by saying thanks to you, Theda, and Missi for always being there for me as my BFF's. Although Ron and I both love our new home, at times it is lonely without our special friends and family. How special it made me feel that you all took the time to plan this wonderful surprise! In fact, how special I felt the entire visit...and even now! And what a well kept secret it was!! To keep walking around the Le Central looking for BA, and then to see you two, such an incredible surprise! Missi, wish you could have made the trip, but it wasn't meant to be for you this time.

Theda, thanks for the wonderful birthday dinner. Carolyn, I still can't believe that you sold your dulcimer for this trip. Thank you for that sacrifice. You still have music in your heart and soul.

It was such fun sharing our home, our town, and just being together again. And of course, having our usual tye dye tee shirt day! We'll probably still be doing that no matter what age we are! The best ever birthday! 60 Rocks!!!