Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yes, Walmart's Still Exist

Came out of the Keys today after 10 weeks and by golly, there are still Walmarts. I passed two on my way to the Okeechobee. I know it sounds funny but you have to consider that The Keys don't have Walmart. I don't know if that is something that the people of the Keys decided they would never have or if Walmart didn't even know they exist. Actually The Keys are so laid back that there are not many places to shop. It's okay, there was a Kmart and three grocery stores what more could a person need/want. Oh, yes there was a Sears and Champs store.

Any way my point is one can do without a Walmart, well for at least 10 weeks. I know that my sister Shirley would have been ga ga if she had been without a Walmart for 10 weeks.

Somewhere started up at the first crank. Pretty good after 10 weeks. I put a bottle of Stabil in right after I got there and I guess that did the trick.

I was a little sad to leave. Didn't think I would be but when I was saying my good byes to everyone I got a little misty eyed, in other words my eyes leaked. I was happy Taylor was with me as I could refocus my energies on her, so off we went. I got the Grey Goose hooked up with no problem and where I'm staying even made a pull through for me. They could do that considering there are NO other RVs in this campground. They said it was just not their season.

Tomorrow I'm heading up to Davenport FL. My friend, Margie, is allowing me to stay in their lot. I'm excited because it a few doors down from where I'll be staying in the winter.

I've got another couple of posts of Taylor and I while in the Keys. I won't forget.

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Beckles said...

I'm not surprised at all that your eyes leaked! You left paradise; however, I suspect there will be more "paradises" for you as you continue on your journey. Glad that Taylor was there to help you get on the road again and see and experience more of what you do in your life as a full-timer! Stay safe. Later.......