Friday, June 18, 2010

Alachua, FL

Yesterday I left Margie's place in Davenport and headed 135 miles North to Nan's place. Nan is a friend I met through the womenrv forum about a year ago and we hit it off instantly. You know how you just click with someone you meet, that happened with Nan and I. Anyway she had offered for me to stop by and stay in her "yard" while I did my exchange with Taylor.

Jonathan picked up Taylor yesterday and I miss her already. She is a great traveler. She watched what I did in getting ready to leave and then she took over. I didn't have to tell her what to do from the first time.

Anyway back to Nan's. She has a lovely park-like yard as you will see from the pictures. A dream for an RVer with lots of room to turn around and shade trees to park under to keep the rig cooler, a big plus being in FL. Her house is beautiful and she has a terrific pool with a screen around it to keep the bugs out. I feel like I'm at my own RV resort. Her front yard is huge.

Nan had to work today and then on Sunday we will head out to St George Island State Park for a few days. Nan's birthday is Sunday so we will definitely have to celebrate.

Nan, Eddie (son), and I went to eat at Brown's yesterday and had a wonderful buffet. Then the bottom dropped out while we were inside eating and I mean it was a deluge. So we just sat there and ate and visited until the rain had let up a little.

It was a great day.



Sharon said...

I've just gotta meet Nan one of these days! What project for Sunshine are you guys gonna work on this time??

Margie and Roger said...

Sharon has a good question? Surely you have a Somewhere project for Nan to work on while you are there. Looks like a great place to park. Say "hi" to Nan - hope to see you again in Florida sometime.

Sounds like Taylor might become a full-time RVer one day. So glad you both enjoyed your time together.

SunshinecruiserTN said...

Oh Sharon and Margie, you will see later the project she completed for me. Ooh, it's exciting.