Friday, November 7, 2008

What's been goin' on?

Several posts ago I had referred to the Life on Wheels conference and how helpful it was to me as I prepared to embark on the RVing lifestyle. I don't think that I have posted about the founder of this wonderful conference, Gaylord Maxwell, passed away on September 20. I had postponed going to the LOW until 2009 because I wanted to have a few trips under my belt so that I would make better use of the information I received at the conference. Now I read that there will no longer be a Life on Wheels. Now, I'll have to go to plan B and I don't know what that is yet.

Also, big in the news this week is that we now have a new president elect, Barack Obama. History was indeed made this week as Mr Obama is the first African-American person to be elected to the highest office in the US. I will not give an editorial on this selection, let me just say, I didn't vote for him. What does the future hold for us???

As of this writing it is only 14 days until my cruise and I can't wait. Last night I had my hair cut and colored. I look like a tri-gold bracelet! LOL Why do I say that? I wanted something sassy and I told Janey I wanted blond and red. She highlighted it first with blond and then added mahogany red to the highlights and of course with my hair being brown naturally, I'm tricolored. It is spiky short, so I am ready for the tropics.

I heard from my cousin, Teresa, in Maryville this week. She is now a Stampin' Up Demonstrator and is doing quite well. Her blog is if you are interested in checking it out. So proud of Teresa.

We just completed our third pay period in Edison and things seem to be smoothing out a little. I figured it would take about four for employees to really begin to feel more comfortable with it. Guess I was right.

Went last weekend to Clarksville to help with Cindy's yard sale and stayed in Somewhere while I was there. Of course Friday was Halloween and I took a few pix of Roger's children in their costumes.
I also had to take one of them being silly. The little girl in the center is one of their friends who went trick or treating with.
They got a lot of candy that helped us out the next day at the yard sale. We had to keep our energy up, you know. The yard sale was a bust for me, $26.00, but was very successful for Roger & Cindy. I just don't think it was meant for me to have or be a part of a yard sale.

I am taking Somewhere to be winterized on the 11th. I don't want to worry about her while I am gone on my cruise so this is the best thing to do. I am hoping they will let me do it while I watch. It can't be that difficult to do but I don't want to do it by myself the first time. I'll dewinterize for Christmas, I'm taking her back to Etowah so we can enjoy Christmas in her again. It's hard to believe it has been almost a year since I bought her. Haven't got to use her as much as I thought but it won't be long until she will be my home.

Having said that, I'm reevaluating whether I'll be retiring this year. All will depend on whether I sell my condo. I need to make some money on my condo and right now, I think it will sell, but it's getting what I need for it that will make a difference. I, like most everyone else, took a beating in the stock market. My financial advisor says I can still do it but I may need to hang on to my good paying job for a little while. Who knows, everything is up in air, and as the girls on the forum say, my plans are in jello right now. Love that phrase, plans are in jello.

OMG, big news from East TN, Philip Fulmer, head coach of the TN Volunteers, has been asked to step down. The Vols have had a horrible year in football and TN fans can be the most rabid fans around. I think they called for his head and got it. Now things are left up to Pat Summit and Bruce Pearl, UT basketball coaches.

The Tennessee Titans, pro football team in Nashville, are 8-0 this year. Only undefeated team in the NFL. GO TITANS! Don't miss my PSLs at all, love watching from the comfort of my home!


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