Friday, November 14, 2008

I've been screwed

Or at least I feel that way. Yesterday I took Somewhere to Cullum & Maxey to have my slide checked on because there was a hydraulic leak somewhere in the slide mechanism. In addition to that I wanted them to check the tire pressure while it was there. I did not ask if there would be a charge for checking the tire pressure (in hindsight, I probably should have and you can bet your bippy I will ask in the future.) They got the slide problem fixed and called me to come pick it up.

As I was paying what I thought was too high a price, $220. I asked for an itemization of the bill. Here you go, are you ready??? $47.50 plus tax to check the tire pressure. Yes, you read it right, $47.50.

I disputed that price and Bud Maxey, manager over the parts & service department and might I mention the individual who sold me my motorhome, told me the reason was they had to crawl under my motorhome to check the pressure on the inside tires. I asked why they had to do that, "I have valve extenders for the inside tires?" He said he didn't think so and I took him out to look. Sure enough I do, then he started telling me how they price out their hours and that I probably didn't actually pay that for the tire pressure check, it was probably that the slide pump took longer than I was charged for. Well, why didn't my bill reflect that instead? He said it was just easier to do it the way they did it! Bud kept hem hawing around but was not going to and did not cut me any slack.

I am on the lookout for another service center! I told him he sold me based on the service center's customer service. They always take care of their customers. Well I say that is a bunch of bull and I want to let everyone know they screw their customers.

Don't buy anything from Cullum & Maxey center. They DON'T take care of their customers. You bet I will ask from here on out. It was a very expensive lesson for me to learn. I just can't stomach the fact that I actually paid $47.50 plus tax for something that I have done before, repeatedly! Was it because I was a woman? Was it because they are feeling the hard economic times and need to do this to their customers to stay afloat? I don't know but it sure ticks me off.

Want to read something directly from Cullum and Maxey's website:
Our Commitment

For over 45 years, Cullum & Maxey has followed a simple philosophy: offer quality products, back them with quality service, and, most of all, make the customer's overall experience as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. Instead of gimmicks and high-pressure sales, we try to create [read more]... What a JOKE!

It still hurts to sit down!

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