Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

Today was Veteran's Day and there was a big parade downtown Nashville. It rained a little but the hardest rain held off until after the parade. Did I go? No, it was a state holiday and I went to learn how to winterize Somewhere.

I took her to Clarksville RV Supercenter and Jim walked me through step by step how to do it. I had watched my walk through DVD I took while taking possession of Somewhere last December but I learn best by doing. Now I can do it w/out stressing whether I got it right.

Gas was $1.99 today. Nice change from a few months ago.

I have made after Christmas plans. Jonathan, Taylor and I will be going to Stone Mountain GA for their Christmas event. We are looking forward to it. We will be staying in Somewhere in Etowah at Deborah's and then will go on down to Atlanta the day after Christmas. I can't wait. It will be fun. I won't be staying for the Snow Mountain but Jonathan and Taylor will stay. It's a big slide down the mountain on inner tubes on top of snow. I'm sure it's man made snow. I hope it's man made snow. LOL

I have a couple of new travelling companions that I want you to meet.
This is Buffett. I suppose he will jump in my suitcase to go on my cruise. He wants to be like the Travelocity Gnome. As long as he is good and doesn't make a mess, he can go anywhere with me. I know, I must be a lonely "old woman" to be taking TY beanies with me on trips. You just never know where he will show up. You can tell he is already checking things out on the computer to see where we will go next.

This is my yet to be named Pink Flamingo. She won't be going on as many trips, just the ones in Somewhere. She will be the RV Women's mascot when we have our get togethers. She will get to come out and play whenever she wants. Let me know what you think she needs to be named. I've been thinking of Carib for the Caribbean but I don't think she likes that so I'll keep trying and I'll let you know. I'm sure you will be waiting with bated breath.

How did I come up with these new companions? Remember I told you Cindy had a yard sale, well at an auction she went to she purchased about 200 + beanie babies and had the to sell in her yard sale. These two babies were in there calling my name and Cindy gave them to me. I didn't have to buy them, that's how they jumped on board with me. Buffett has a special riding place already and matches my theme of It's 5 o'clock Somewhere. Not sure about where the flamingo will go. She will find her place. My challenge is to keep Sedona away from them. She thinks they are toys for her, imagine that!

Debbie stopped by today on the way to the DR. She had forgotten that I was home on holiday today. She has an upper respiratory funk going on but boy does she look good. She has lost about 80 + lbs and is looking like a different person. I am so very proud of Debbie. She dropped off some hand me downs from Duchess to Sedona. Sedona wasn't feeling too proud in this UT sweater, since they are doing so badly this year, but then I told her it was really a Lady Vols shirt and she perked up. Can't blame her for that, can you? tee hee Thanks Debbie & Duchess.

Go Titans- 9-0.


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