Sunday, September 28, 2008

Work Travelling is OVER!

Well, Edison went live on 9/25 and besides a few glitches here and there and thousands of questions, it went well. The big question will come on 9/30 when it's time to approve payroll and see if all goes as well this coming week. It was not as bad as was originally thought. I am concerned that some of the features don't respond as they are supposed to. This weekend will give the Edison folks an opportunity to fix the glitches.

Time to get back to ME!

Went to see The Women with Cindy and Debbie. It was a fairly typical chickflick. I enjoyed all the characters and the clothes were beautiful. This is not a movie I would purchase for my DVD library but it was a good way to escape and hectic day. We ate at Rafferty's and then on to the movie. Great night out.

Yesterday, I went to Becky's to the pool. It was a beautiful day and it was nice to enjoy the fall sun rays. We were wondering if our "rays" would last until our cruise in 54 days. Probably not, but the thought would be a good one. The lemon drops were awesome. It would have been nice if we could have had a campfire around the pool.

Today I'm picking up all the clutter from the last six weeks of coming in and flopping. Houses sure get cluttered quickly.

Oh, in the midst of all the fun and frivolity, I purchased my very own McSpadden dulcimer. It's made out of black walnut and she is beautiful. She has a nice sound. Now if I could learn to relax while I play, I would be better off and the music could just come natural. I'll have a few songs perfected by Christmas with the family. Found the dulcimer on craigslist for a great price. 1st time trying to tune it, I broke on of the strings. I took it to work and one of the guys there helped me restring it so if it happens again, I'll know what to do.

I'm planning on a short trip in Somewhere soon. It has been at least 2 months since I have been anywhere close to her. Cindy started the engine up last weekend for me and said she purred like a kitten.

Sedona is home with me now. She is getting groomed tomorrow, she looks like a little skruffy homeless puppy. She will be two years old tomorrow and she has been such a blessing to me.


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