Sunday, September 14, 2008

Checking in

Hi everyone, just thought I would drop in for a few minutes to let you know what's been going on with me since my last post.

For the past few weeks I've been travelling the great state of Tennessee to train my employees on the new enterprise system, Edison, which is going to go live the pay period of 9/16/08. I went to Jackson and taught 3 classes there. In Nashville, I taught 3 classes and on to Morristown for two classes. And I just completed 8 classes this past week in Crossville. This week I'm home but teaching all week in Nashville and then will head west next week for the remaining classes. All in all I will have taught the same class 16 times, saying the same thing over and over and setting up 10 laptop computers in each of the locations.

I do get tired and sometimes I can't remember what I have said to what class and of course, I have to stay positive and up for all classes. It's okay because I do believe in the system. The only thing I hate is there a lot of our veteran employees who have never had to use a computer and never wanted to. Some don't even know what a mouse is so It's going to be a giant leap for some of those employees. I sure hope they will be okay.

I miss Sedona like crazy. Theda is taking great care of her. I just hope she doesn't forget me. I thought about going down to get her this week but then the gas prices & lack of gas would have run me short for the week. I have to go down that direction next week so I'll just have to wait to get her home then. I sure miss her.

Talked to my friend Sandra this week and she lost her little furbaby, Hailey. She is at the rainbow bridge now having fun with other furbabies who have passed on. Sandra is shopping for another Yorkie. Hope she finds one soon because I know that she will be very lonesome without another one. Good luck, Sandra.

Becky came by yesterday after the funeral of her friend, Merlin. She said it was a very inspirational funeral and there were lots of famous people there who he had represented in the music business. She was very strong and they had a very special professional relationship. I know she will miss him. Thoughts are with you, Becky.

Jonathan's ankle is healing nicely so he should be back to normal before long. News flash! He has come into the DSL world. He has had dial up for lo these many years and now he has a Verizon connection and he absolutely loves it. Taylor does too. I can't wait to do it either. I'll probably switch to Verizon when I get back from all my work travels and settle down somewhat.

Talked to Roy while I was out of town and he now has his flight to FT Lauderdale for the cruise in November. He is all set. Four of us have flights on Thurs to get down there but not to get back! lol Should be interesting. Hope Southwest has a DING soon to get us back. David is leaving out of Atlanta. Sandra and Melissa are going to fly Delta. Gosh, we are all getting down there different ways but we will hit the cruise ship and depart at the same time. It's only 68 days until the cruise and I'll sure be ready for it.

SOMEWHERE! Where is she and how is she doing? I haven't a clue. I miss spending time in here and travelling to different places. I hope she will start when I get back up to see her. I hope the mice haven't invaded her. I hope I haven't forgotten how to drive her. I hope her batteries are operational when I get there. OMG, so many things to think about.

I did take a few minutes to read the womenrv forum last night. There was a mention about a fall TN gtg. I hope that comes through. I would like to see the gals again, it's been a while and I need the shot in the arm to gather and talk about what we all love, RVing. I sure don't want to lose sight of what & why I want to do this.

Hurricane Ike came ashore and some of the ladies were in the area and had to evacuate but they are all okay. Thinking of you Beth and Karen. Hope you all are safe. We are getting winds today from Ike and I sure hope we get some of the rain, we are in dire need of a good steady soaking rain.

Oh, stayed at a really nice Howard Johnson in Spring City, TN. It's brand new and it was lucious. It was better than good considering we stayed at a HOJO in Jackson that was a DOG, uck. Never again will I stay there.

Stopped by the SpringLakeRVResort in Crossville to see how the upgrades were coming along. Man, those sites they built along the water are too cool. I'll have to go back up there and stay. Many improvements.


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