Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mountain Pictures

Here are a few pictures while I was enjoying the area around Townsend, TN.
A group of tubers coming down the Wye.  Even a dog like Sedona.

A family on the nest.

Relaxing with their electronics, playing bubbles I think.

People used to jump/dive from the rock but the Park has stopped that.
The black dot in the center of the picture is the nest zoomed in the picture above.

I'm back in Englewood at Roy's and will be here until after my cruise in 18 days.


squawmama said...

Great photos and looks like a fun place...
Have fun & Travel safe

Beckles said...

Looks like a relaxing time! People and their electronics....I could never sit around like that! LOL!!!!!

Yes, it's almost cruise time!!!!