Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm Back Home (sort of)

After leaving my son's, Jonathan, in Kingsland GA I headed south on Tuesday.  I stopped by the Silver River State Park in Ocala for a couple of days at the womenrv forum's gtg.  I arrived on Tuesday afternoon just in time for the big storm that rolled through.  Tornado warnings were issued but we all survived in the cabin.  I didn't get pictures so I'll link you to BethLiz's , Margie's blog sites so you can see the ladies and all the fur babies.

I pulled out on Wednesday after sharing Nan's RV for the night to head back to Davenport.  I felt I needed to get back to take care of a leak in my windshield that Margie had nursed while I was gone for so long.  I stopped at the America Choice RV center in Clermont and asked the service manager, Chris, about doing the work and a rough estimate.  He said I could bring it in the next day which would have been yesterday and I'm still here.  I had a list of items to be fixed and thought as long as I'm here I'll have everything done.  The leak was the windshield instead of the top of  Somewhere, thank goodness.  I had busted my sink and my shower was leaking so kill all the birds w/all the stones.

The sealant had to dry overnight and they put me up behind the locked fence for me to stay with water/electric hook-ups.   The sink had to be found and purchased and that didn't happen until late this afternoon, the shower mechanism had to be found and that arrived this afternoon and now something else is needed for that.  Good thing they work on Saturdays b/c I am here another night.

I like this place and Chris is a nice guy so it could be worse.  There is a 2007 Itasca Sunrise on the lot w/3 slides and it's 50 amp which was very appealing.  Of course they tried to upgrade me while I was here and it was terribly tempting to just get a newer rig but I have resisted so far.  I like my Somewhere and can't see a need for something else even though I know 2003 will begin to lose value in another year or so.  I've had her since Dec 2007 and I still like her except for the dang carpet so I'll just live with that for a while longer.

Margie came over today and looked at the '07 and spent some time with me so I wouldn't be so bored.  Oh and did I mention that it was great to be back in my bed?



Beckles said...

I thought of asking how you bust your sink, but won't do that!
How nice to at least be back in your own bed even though you are having work done. Enjoy another night of solitude, and hope that you are on your way back home come Saturday morning!

squawmama said...

I say it is cheaper to update the RV's and spend the money you save on GAS & having fun!!! That's what we will be doing. I came over after seeing your name on the luncheon list for tomorrow. I always enjoy meeting new friends especially ones the RV & Fulltime... I am adding you blog to my list of favorites and I am sure we'll become great bloggin’ buddies..
See you tomorrow
Have fun & Travel Safe