Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year-2011

I suppose you can say I began celebrating New Year's Eve with a bus trip with my friend Margie to the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Tampa.  The bus leaves Davenport around 9:45 and returns around 5:00.  It costs $25 to ride a return trip in the bus.  The casino gives $30 voucher and $5 toward the buffet and with a players card you get another $5 off the buffet which makes you pay $10 for a wonderful buffet.  Usually the fare at casino buffet's are horrible but at this casino the food was fresh and the variety was excellent.  Yummy.  I gave my usual donation to a casino and then was ready to return.

After a few hours of rest, it was time to get ready for our community party at the clubhouse.  There was a good group who showed up and the band was very good.  Man, these people around here really like to dance and that's a good thing.  I got up a couple of times and danced by myself and then asked a couple of single guys for a spin around the dance floor.  I also got to have a dance with Roger, thanks for sharing Margie.  LOL
Carolyn & Roger cutting a rug.

Carolyn & Roger slow dancing.

Carolyn, Margie & ladies doin' the chicken dance.

Margie & Roger Dancing.

Happy New Year!
 The bad thing about the dancing was the morning after.  See a couple of days ago, Margie and I were looking some Born Free motor homes and when I entered one my knee popped and it has bothered me ever since.  So I guess you could say instead of blowing out my flip flop, I blew out my knee but I didn't step on a pop top.

After the party I came home and called my bff, Becky, in Nevada.  I figured I had celebrated for the Central, Eastern time zone and needed to add the Mountain time zone too but we didn't quite make it to count down with her.  We were close though.

Today was a lazy day and then Margie & Roger invited me over for one fine steak.  I took a salad and homemade croutons.  Roger cooked the steak and it didn't take long for us to snarf down our wonderful meal of steak, baked potato, corn and salad.  Again, yummy!

We sat out by a cozy "fire", chatted and relaxed.  It should be a great year!

Our steak were cooked to perfection!

Margie's grabbing a photo for her blog.

Buddy (standing) and Anne were having fun in their playpen.

The food.

The fire

The lake from Margie's lot.
Tomorrow we are going to pay a visit to Animal Kingdom and see where Roger works and have a play day.



Jeff & Barbie said...

Now I know where all the dancers and partyers were last night-in Davenport with you folks. What a great looking meal shared with friends.


happy days for the start of 2011..Cheers!!

Beckles said...

Such a fun New Year's Eve....both day and night! Looks as though it was a fun time for all of you. The steak meal looked luscious! We had hamburgers, but darn it I didn't make a picture to share with you!! LOL!!